Kissandi's Second Prayer and Unusual Guardians of an Ancient Dragonborn Empire

June 15, 2013

Feb 9, 994 at 8:00 a.m.

Minion Pyramid Scheme & The Hall of Dragons
Ja’Elle & Kissandi each get a boon for their reflections on last episode. Both selected the fortune Let’s Try That Again.

Upon entering the outpost area, the heroes heard the voices of Thorbalt, a dwarf, along with a female cackling gnome. Facing various and plentiful minion enemies, following Kissandi’s quick thinking and advice, the heroes figured out how to deactivate the replenishing of the minion groups and won the fight. Ja’Elle, despite going off on his own and getting separated from the rest of the party survived the encounter. Thorbalt and the gnome escaped. The heroes took 10 minutes to rest and recover before following where they believed the dwarf and the gnome were calling them to go. Through a hall of dragons, the heroes nearly bypassed the trap, fighting an animated colossus head and hand, along with 4 stirge swarms that emerged from the dragon mouths when the trap was triggered as Bui slipped off the rope while trying to stay above the pressure plates.

The group bested the first two of three challenges set forth by Thorbalt and the female gnome. Tegan had the life sucked out of him by stirges and has been added to the cart with Glint, pulled by the sheep. Rowena is ready to rejoin the fray. Everyone else is hurting pretty good. The heroes made it through the minion horde and the hall of dragons. We’ll see what the third challenge presents and if the heroes can earn the trust of Thorbalt and the gnome next time…


My Lord:

I know that you have a purpose for each of these beings I travel with. They each serve a function- as do I. That is to allow the halfling the opportunity to destroy those who might oppose you. My faith is only strengthened when I am reminded that while two among us lead during times of communication and negotiation, it is I that must take control during times of conflict and challenge.

Thank you for giving me the strength to remind the “Warlord” to think of his lessons to remember how the Trickster works. Thank you also for reminding me to command the priest to let me do looking. Sometimes I wonder if his god has only given him one strength – albeit a powerful one.

I at times believe there is hope for the bald elf, but she too often takes our leave. Is she with us? Please give me a sign.

As far as the little one is concerned, I am continually amazed and know that you have chosen the correct vessel for delivering your vengeance, when I witness him getting himself into and out of trouble. I am honored that I have been picked to be his deliverer.

Please give me strength during our third test.

Forgive me for the brevity of this prayer as we must press on – but this you already know your magnificence.


Paused on Feb 9, 994 at 8:30 a.m.
Kissandi retains Let’s Try That Again fortune card, but needs to use it during this side quest.
Glint has been dead a few days. Tegan just died.
One encounter past milestone, three past extended rest.
Current Party Gold: 62,345 g.p. (owe Glint (dead) or his family 6,000 g.p. more after Feb 12; owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)



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