Kissandi is not Alone

Kissandi is not Alone

(Shivon) Another dead end. How could these fools that she paid so well have led her to this endless grave site? How could dreadful get worse, but it was. Shivon cursed the shadar-kai and continued on. A strong, grizzled humanoid figure stood a couple hundred feet ahead, blood dripping from his greataxe, clearly scanning both ways for more – a quick flash of light to the left of him – what was that?!? That never happens in this dismal realm…now he is raising his axe…

(Xabier) The graveyard had reawoken. Everyone was running. The children’s legs were not long enough to outrun this horde of undead. Marching directly into the thickest area, he remembered the battle when he earned his last name and the viscious ceremony that followed. No blood was cast when he sent the dead’s limbs and heads flying. The dead lie all around. It should have felt so right, but something was wrong. The overcast day seemed to grow duller and darker. A sinking feeling of hopelessness crept within him. Xabier was not home anymore. He looked for more. A flash of light pulsed through the air not too far away. Then darkness. Bitter. Cold. Darkness. But surely there were more of the dead coming from over there. Habit took over as he raised his axe…

(Scathe) The moment she entered the portal, a feeling of dread touched every part of Scathe’s spirit. Where was the sun? Where was she? It seemed she was on a hill, at the crest of a gravesite for as far as she could see. Where was the wizard? No time to consider that, the shadows around her were huge and seemed to move on their own…

(Kal-Kathier)The sound of running water was faint at first, but Kal Kathier was drawn to it. As the sound grew nearer, he needed to step carefully over all these rectangular handcrafted ground stones. Something incomprehensible was scrawled on each stone. Then, over a nearby hill, a momentary flash of light followed immediately by a void of darkness bellowed from the hill. There it is – the source of the running water. A water fountain. To get there Kal Kathir would need to get through this sea of ground stones. Something didn’t feel right. But nearby water. Another flash of light. A humanoid appeared in the flash of light and then another. Confused, Kal Kathir felt the gaze of several nearby eyes on him…

(Kissandi) Malgrim says, “Something is different. Did you see that?” It seems everyone else is squinting. But why? Rabbit & Tilly try to look Kissandi in the eye, look at one another, and slowly return their eyes towards Kissandi. Tilly stutters “G-g-g-good luck lady…we’ve got to find a way out of here and it seems like you are meant to stay.” Malgrim says, “I thought you and I were alike, but now I see your true calling. Perhaps our paths will cross again down the road. I will do my best to lead the halflings back to Lambasa. May you find your true path.” Kissandi rejuvenated and empowered senses…

Zombies all over the place! Xabier cut through more zombies. Shivon, most interested in the energy and force at the top of the hill, used the distraction Xabier was causing with the zombies to dodge her way up the hill.

A shadow giant emerged and attacked Scathe, who could not seem to find that wizard or her party. Shouldn’t they all have been here, too?

Kal-Kathier, seeing Scathe in danger rushed to help attack the shadow giant, something like from his home. But, Kal-Kathier was stalked by dagorran ambushers, who went invisible before and after they attacked.

Kissandi enjoyed the scene, the undead around her all moving towards her – this is what she was meant to do, extinguish this untrue and unholy version of life. It was time for the zombies to die.

Soon, the undead who attacked the others, were drawn away towards Kissandi. All helped fell the foul beasts. Seeing Kissandi as a powerful ally who is clearly connected to her god, Shivon acts out of character and aids the winged elf several times by making Kissandi insubstantial, teleporting her out of danger, and offering healing. In the end, the hill and surrounding cemetery lie strewn with mangled flesh, long before dead, but finally at rest.

Kal-Kathier made his way to the fountain, drank fully, and filled his water skins.

Shivon demanded answers, but sensed this was another dead end. Still interested in the force she felt decided that Kissandi may be her ticket out of this terrible realm. The rest of these misfits are likely useless except as fodder.

Scathe helped heal those in need and Kissandi knelt to pray.

All but Kissandi realized despite their victory that escape from this place seemed impossible. Those affected were beginning to give in to the Shadowfell and the loss of hope.



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