Kissandi Charges the Darkness

Kissandi Charges the Darkness

Kissandi’s Story Part 4

March 1, 994 @ 8:30 pm

Kissandi and the warforged continue to the house, the suspected third location of four that have helped open the rift to the Shadowfell in Lambasa very recently. Here, they find two shadar-kai tenebrous. Kissandi tries to attack, but they are able to shadowy movement to avoid fighting and taunt Kissandi. The warforged do not get involved in the proceedings.

The shadar-kai say that"Fyria is amongst us, you stand no chance now!" They try to convince Kissandi that they will follow her, that Kissandi should join them and Fyria, as true servants of the Raven Queen. They know that Kissandi is from Tyr and say they believe Kissandi has the potential to be of note amongst the servants of the Raven Queen.

She does manage to notice the same Gloria to Fyria carved into the base of the walls. There is more written here that she cannot make out. She does notice a map on the wall that appears to show the four locations.

The tenebrous toss a defaced obsidian raven statue towards Kissandi. She kicks it back at them. Kissandi tries to convince them to fight, is confused by their knowledge of her past and of her power. She leaves distracted, suffering in her initiative.

She and the warforged continue to the suspected fourth location, a nondescript looking temple from the outside. The warforged make another effort to get more information from Kissandi regarding Ara’s companions and Kissandi’s associates from Terkent, unsuccessfully.

Entering the temple, Kissandi sees it clearly to be a temple to the Raven Queen. A bell with symbols to the Raven Queen brings feelings and messages to Kissandi. A vision accompanied by a flash of light and bad feeling tell Kissandi to deny the Raven Queen. Kissandi, in an effort to center herself begins to cut. The blood and pain will center her thought again, she tells herself as she prays. It feels right. In fact, she feels the need to cut the image of the Raven Queen that she saw recently into herself. She cuts into her thigh, bleeds, and envisions a woman, a priest (?) who will tell her only truths, and Kissandi feels much better. She bandages her wounds.

In a higher place, the second level of the building, Kissandi meets the woman she envisioned and questions her. The woman doesn’t speak, but her voice seems clear in Kissandi’s mind. Kissandi is questioned about a conversion. Kissandi feels it is as if to ask if she has converted an unbeliever. Kissandi questions this. Kissandi is asked who she can convert? A powerful female ally, who only seeks power is all that comes to Kissandi though this voice in her head. Kissandi feels very strongly that she is being told to convert Rowena, or at least try.

Kissandi is told she is being to reckless with the lives of believers, that she mustn’t needlessly throw away their lives (could this mean Haplor could have been saved?) Kissandi ascents.

Kissandi is told when the rift to the Shadowfell is closed, she will find a sack with a skull in it. Kissandi mustn’t open it. She must gift it to her powerful, power-seeking friend (Rowena?) to help in the conversion – it will be a gift of a true believer who departed the natural world for the Shadowfell to better serve the Raven Queen.

Kissandi also is compelled to make better use of non-believers to aid the cause.

Kissandi is told she will have others who come to help her, here in the temple.

The veil drops. The priestess dissipates. The symbols of the Raven Queen disappear from the temple and it now appears a nondescript temple to worship any god. Kissandi feels strongly that what she saw was real. Kissandi is no longer distracted. In fact, her focus has been heightened.

Kissandi hears the presence of many others on the floor below and drops to her knees in prayer.

Soon later, footsteps, the doors open behind Kissandi, and a deep voice tells Kissandi that they have come looking for her and seek a common cause, then depart the room.

Kissandi finishes her prayer and then goes to the balcony. She sees those who will share her path, at least in these next steps. Introductions are made. Kissandi does not recognize their Sojourners markings (one is likely not a Sojourner). They include:

A group of adventurers (Sojourners)
Rabbit – a male halfling axefighting leader and controller, the speaker of the group and a friend to Kaven Windstrike.
Tilly – a female halfling lurker who uses smoke and a short sword.
Kobhein – a longtooth shifter brute who knew Haplor

A group of scholar friends who hope to aid in shutting down the Rift in Lambasa, but who cannot defend themselves (likely Sojourners):
De La Rosa – a female half-elf arcanist (non-adventurer)
Lackey – a male minotaur historian (non-adventurer)
Lester – a male human theologian (non-adventurer)
Uehara – a female dwarf tinkerer (non-adventurer)

Another adventurer/performer (likely not a Sojourner):
Ven “Drake” Roberts – a human controller whose faced is deeply blackened and scarred around his mouth and nose – visibly seeping. He is known around Lambasa (but not to Kissandi) as a freakshow, a human who breathes acid.

Kissandi says you must have done something bad to Ven “Drake” Roberts. He says yes, but says his wounds are not from that, those he was born with.

The group finishes their introductions and sets out to head towards the center of this perimeter of four landmarks.

As they enter a graveyard and necropolis, the world seems different. Dark clouds block out the stars and moon, rain pours down, lightning occasionally lights the night and loud thunderclaps keep everyone on edge.

The buildings appear to sway. It feels as if they are in the Shadowfell or something between the Shadowfell and the normal world.

Zombies attack! The group shows their skills and destroys the zombies very quickly. More zombies spawn. Some zombies that die are able to grab hold of the Sojourners and Kissandi. Ven “Drake” Roberts is able to protect the smarties from the zombies, despite one very close call. To do this, he breathes acid, destroying the zombie and hurting himself.

As the fight progresses and more zombies emerge from the ground, Kissandi is able to locate a subsidiary post that is speeding the animation of the undead here.

Climbing the fence and defacing the obelisk statue the group is able to damage it enough to shut it down. However, the rift to the Shadowfell is not here and it is still open. Until it is shut down, defacing this secondary post will only slow down the reanimation process of the undead.

The group continues through the graveyard and deeper towards both danger and opportunity.

March 2, 994 @ 3:00 am



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