Ja'Elle Slices and Dices, but Bui and Rowena Spoil the Feaster's Meal

January 20, 2012

November 18, 993 10 pm

We ascend the last staircase to the top floor of the tower.

Huge sections of floor have collapsed from this level. A flood of water cascades from the overhang, hundreds of feet above, to land here and spill down into the tower’s interior. In the southern corner rises a dais on which sits an old iron chair. A faded red carpet, now turned a sickly pink, lies before the throne and trails off to the north. Just before the carpet is a large section of scorched stone. The pattern around a hemispherical depression suggests something large exploded here.

Standing on the edge of the tattered carpet is an elf warrior dressed in shining scale armor. On his left arm is strapped a battered heavy shield emblazoned with a stylized raven clutching lightning in its claws. He wields a longsword in his right hand. The way he holds himself, the gape of his mouth, the dark circles beneath his eyes, and the unsightly scabrous skin on one side of his face combine to make him gruesome and fearsome.

Flanking Elomir are two reptilian creatures, stooped and eyeless with overlarge tube-shaped maws.

“Brave indeed for you to return to the scene of your crime, thieves,” says the elf in a voice that has several tones at once. “Return the Tear to me, and you die quickly. Or have you come to slay me?”

Your superior perception draws your attention to a great heap of glistening gray flesh, beaded with moister from the waterfall, lurking here, its three eyes set on a tentacle. Its hug maw contains row upon row of black teeth.

Bui tries to reason with Elomir. Kamien changes his form and appears as Shantaira, trying to convince Elomir to talk. Elomir is convince Kamien is Shantaira and flies into a fit of rage, calling the battle to begin.

Elomir sprinkles dust from the brain of a mind flayer onto his sword, honing his ability to hit his target as he attacks Kissandi first.

Ja’Elle quickly shifts 8 into the room and corners one of the destrachans. Kamien chuckles at the sight of the small halfling making the large dinosaur-like beast look helpless. Meanwhile, Kamien scurries to the corner to fire from range. Pew, pew, pew!

Kissandi looks to protect Ja’Elle and aids him in making quick work of the second destachan. Bui and Rowena successfully keep the feaster at bay. Bui greatly reduces the damage it will do throughout the fight. It grabs each of them in turn, but Rowena uses her arcane powers to blast it back and nearly over the ledge to a huge fall multiple times.

During the battle, Elomir calls upon 2 disruptive aberrant flying creatures that are quickly defeated. Elomir attacks Bui, using disruptive smite to hamper any healing effects used on Bui. Shortly before Bui is knocked unconscious, Bui calls upon his god and removes four ongoing effects.

5 Harrowfolk rush up and help attack the feaster. 2 are grabbed. One is bitten. A necrotic wound is opened up on him. 4 aberrant T’Surrs materialize out of the carpet when one of the Harrowfolk step on it. The T’Surrs do not last long enough to help Elomir as the party and the Harrowfolk lay waste to them.

Kamien, with the help of Kissandi’s god the Raven Queen’s guidance, deals a big shot that leaves a gaping wound on Elomir. Elomir regenerates from it as quickly as aberrantly possible. Ja’Elle unleashes incredibly powerful attacks against all of his enemies. Rowena grants Bui a healing surge and Bui recovers very quickly by utilizing some of his strong healing powers.

Kissandi deals the killing blow to Elomir. Rowena uses astral wind and pushes the feaster off the ledge. The feaster and one of the T’Surrs move as quickly as they can out of the tower and into the cave below.

Bui helps the affected Harrowfolk soldier recover from his wounds that were starting to ooze puss.

The party loots and finds 40 gemeralds (4000 gp), a Premonition Ring, a potion of vitality, and Mind Dust. As the party loots, the Harrowfolk celebrate the emancipation of the tower from the False Ones.

Vaymeer returns and thanks the party. He says the Harrowfolk now know the source of the aberrations is the cave entrance. The party suggests looking for other possible exits from the caves. He agrees and says they will watch and defend any cave exits to the best of their ability.

In the woods, the moon shines bright, the stars shimmer in the sky and the world seems a better place. Everyone notices a foul smell. What is it? Rotten eggs? A haze emerges, then a fog. The moon, the stars, and even most of the woods are lost in the fog. A small wolf emerges. Ja’Elle offers him water. Kissandi tries to protect Ja’Elle. Ja’Elle says it is FRIEND. The wolf circles the party. The wolf grows larger and larger and then changes shape into something more humanoid as it grows. It accepts and drinks Ja’Elle’s water. It shares bread and water with Ja’Elle.

It walks slightly away from the party and turns its head and arms skyward into the fog. A timed skills challenge begins. All party members are successful in discerning that this being is not trying to hypnotize or harm Ja’Elle or the group. Each character gains either two or three successes in attending to the images that appear above.

In the fog above, you see multitudes of animated small colored images. There are dozens, no scores, possibly hundreds. There is action in all of them. Life in motion. All draw your attention.

The group discusses images and puts many things together including:
1. There are many images of eastern Terkent, including near Standhall and Balser, where there are threats looming, mainly including legions of giants of various types (hill, stone, fire, frost) working together. Rowena says she had a dream exactly like this when she chewed the drug the first time.

2. There are series of multiple concurrent images. In one scene the party is fighting ogres. In a similar scene, the party is negotiating with the ogres. In one scene the party is fighting a dragon. In the similar scene, the party is sneaking around the dragon. In one scene, the party is fighting giants. In a similar scene the party is disguised and sneaking by the giants.

3. The party sees Laeralin walking alone. The party sees Leogrator consulting a council, likely the Woodland Justice Network. Some council members appear in agreement with Leogrator. Others eyes dart back and forth between Leogrator and something behind them, looking nervous. Giant shadows are visible in the background.

4. A panoramic scene over the island in the Feywild pans over giant woodlands and mountain, zooming in on an obsidian building with pillars in the front, entering the front door and into the building, the party appears fighting an enemy. Nearby, the Tear of Ioun is visible.

5. Different races of giants are seen consulting with one another.

6. Lambasa – a meeting of heroes – the party is there, but no Kamien. Tyzzer and three other shadowy heroes who appear to be friends are there, too.

7. Images of elves working with giants.

8. A split in the Feywild. A gap. Aberrations spilling out into the Feywild. Cue the dramatic music.

9. 4 dragons, including the gold dragon Nuadil, hovering above the cave entrance near the Forlorn Tower. All use their breath weapons to cause an avalanche to seal the cave. The breath weapons continue as the entrance is clearly sealed.

10. Giants – you can hear Leogrator as he diplomatically tells some of the council and intimidates the rest to frame Laeralin as the one who welcomed giants into Terkent, if anything goes astray.

11. Comets fly through the sky. This does not feel good. Past memories for those who have lived in eastern Terkent have a sense of foreboding.

Individual Successes:

Rowena sees Standhall calling her back. Standhall is clearly in danger. Nan Hornburg has left the smithy to take back up his sword, gather other retired adventurers and defend the area vs. giants.

Bui sees the images of Ja’Elle and Kissandi merge, then separate leaving Ja’Elle and Adalaentar the red dragon. This repeats in another image, but this time Bui emerges between Ja’Elle and Kissandi, Bui’s arms outstretched, not allowing the images to merge.

Ja’Elle sees images of comets and growing giant raids. He sees another of Kissandi, a male human in cloth/leather, and a female tiefling, all on their own in different settings. All appear to be seeking something, and all seem distracted by something, something that looks painful coming from within them. He also sees the death blow being dealt to Adalaentar the red dragon but cannot tell by whose hand – his own, Kissandi’s, someone else’s?

Kamien see Pwi’lin. He can see within his mind. Pwi’lin is having the exact same dream about Kissandi that Kamien had when he was chewing the drug. This angers Kamien. He sees another image with a way out of the group at/before the meeting of heroes. He sees another with the growing threat, not to his homeland, but to the land to the east of the mountains – giants, and loads of them.

Kissandi sees herself comforting Ja’Elle, putting shaving cream all over his head, then shaving him bald. She sees another showing three Tears, two her former party found and one with the Tear of Ioun. They appear to be linked.

The party takes an extended rest. It is now Nov 19.

Vaymeer offers safe passage to the Harrowood and helps the party find the location of the place where you entered Siliceous from the Feywild. With Rowena’s arcane ability, she is able to locate the place, up higher on a tree where you can return to the Feywild.

The party leaves. Travel back through the mountain underground takes two weeks. It is now Dec 2.

The party carefully finds the way back to the water. This takes a few days. It is now Dec 5.

The party sails back to the island where the dragons and draconians live. Safe passage takes a week and a couple days. It is now Dec 14.

The cliffside is scaled. The draconians welcome you back. We return to speak with the four dragons, including the gold named Nuadil. He telepathically questions what information we gained. He is pleased that we have discovered the source of the aberrations. They intend to close the source.

We mention Gaard to him. He says they will try to help, but there primary focus must be closing the connection to the Far Realm that is there. He assures us they will do there best.

We ask for a reward. He tells us the fellow travelers we left with them have had their lives restored. He tells us they now share a bond, a gold dragon bond with him. They are out seeking similar things to what you have been seeking. If they return, we should be reunited.

Rowena asks if there is a teleport circle nearby. Bui diplomatically convinces the dragons that you are allies and this would be great information to share. The dragons have the draconians show Rowena their teleportation circle. Rowena does a ritual to link to the teleportation circle.

The party tells the dragons about the visions seen in the fog and asks the dragons if the building in their vision exists. The dragons assure us it does and are willing to transport us near to where the building is located. They say it is well guarded and they will need to leave us some distance from it, but will get us near and tell us the way to get there.

Total Party Gold is now 72,233
It is Dec 14, 993
You are departing for the obsidian building where you believe you will fight for the Tear of Ioun



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