Ja'Elle in the Big City

Terkent Notes 4-7-2014

Party Gold = 216,155 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

Feb 15, 994 9:00 pm (after an extended rest @ University) – the party plans to leave Lambasa in the morning after some investigation and reflection around town…

Ja’Elle let the rest of the party know that he had some business in Lambasa to attend to and would set out a day after the rest of the group and catch up to them in Standhall.

Ja’Elle meets Geran the tailor. His sheath is complete (sewn into the interior pant leg). He pays the 500 g.p. balance and adds in an extra 100 g.p. to motivate Geran to help find out about somebody who can make/sell goggles of the night. Geran is clearly thankful and willing to try to help.

Ja’Elle goes to the Thieve’s Guild and finds out that Knyx is out of town. Dryrry, a female halflign rogue talks with Ja’Elle about shadowy creatures (wisps) that have become competition for the thieve’s guild in town. Bantos II, a high ranking member of the guild lives just outside of town. He hasn’t associated with the guild in some time. Ja’Elle talks with other rogues and gets more information about wear the shadows have been spotted (Infernal Alley and the Theatre District).

Ja’Elle asks about the Lambasan Crow at the guild. Rumors say he was poisoned, assassinated, or maybe killed by a shadow or evil spirit. Rumors say his popularity was growing just be he was killed. He was tired, but motivated to perform. Ja’Elle is told to talk with prisoners. Maybe that will give him more leads. Ja’Elle is asked to watch members Anlow and Malagar (ranger? Scarlet Guard) to make sure they are still friendly with the Thieve’s Guild and to possibly get more information on who to talk to at the prison. He is told to talk to a gremlin named Vaazrus about the goggles.

Ja’Elle goes to Infernal Alley after midnight. He makes a careful approach, then chooses to bluff a drunken stumble, falling to the ground by a guard. He asks where is Malagar and slips the guard a g.p. The guard helps and is discreet.

A street person tries to intercept the halfling. Ja’Elle calls him “Bob” and is able to maneuver away from him after a short conversation.

Ja’Elle reaches Malagar, a bearded Scarlet Guard, who seems down about a lot, almost cursed. Malagar and Ja’Elle seem to both have an interest in making things better in regards to the shadows. After some investigating, Ja’Elle gets a lead on finding a guy with long white hair and pinkish eyes. He also is told to talk two Norris at the prison about talking with prisoners. Ja’Elle buys Malagar a couple drinks and hopes to eventually help Malagar get back out of town and into nature where he seems to belong.

Ja’Elle goes to Neberinzin’s, a dive of a bar in Infernal Alley and meets Gein, the white haired pink eyed freak. Gein tosses a 6’5" man over the balcony. He calls the man Lug. Gein seems to consider himself “leader” of the shadows

Ja’Elle tries to get “in” with Gein or at least bluff Gein. Gein says he wants Ja’Elle to prove himself first. Gein is dealing some kind of drug, that Ja’Elle eventually chews. It’s heat works its way from Ja’Elles teeth, to his gums, to his cheeks, up just past his ears, until Ja’Elle can feel smoke coming from just above his ears. That’s not enough proof for Gein. Ja’Elle is told to find Lug’s friend Jimbo, take care of him, and bring back a piece of him to prove it.

Ja’Elle locates Jimbo, a homeless man, who would have been an easy off for Ja’Elle. Instead, Ja’Elle gives Jimbo 50 g.p. and tells him to leave town, his life depends on it. Jimbo says he agrees.

Before dawn, Ja’Elle goes back to Infernal Alley to an open warehouse with friends from the Thieve’s Guild to try to meet Vaazrus the gremlin. They go underground through a couple of trapdoors and some tunnels carved in stone. A couple of guards are there and make sure Ja’Elle will be safe and be unarmed. Then, they lead him through a locked door and eventually to a room with many gadgets and gizmos :)

Ja’Elle admires the items. Vaazrus (mini = Poog) shows him some pretty sweet stuff. He does have goggles of the night and sells them to Ja’Elle for 21,000 g.p. plist the promise to do a service for him in the future. Vaazrus asks Ja’Elle if he is acquainted with Bantos II, another high roller who could afford the goggles of the night price. Ja’Elle says no.

Ja’Elle goes to meet Norris at the prison and is able to get names of 2 prisoners and 1 former prisoner who is now in Lambasa – all might have information about the Lambasan Crow…

Feb 16, 994 10:00 a.m. (others on a slightly different timeline)
Party Gold = 194,615 g.p.
Ja’Elle owes Vaazrus a service sometime in the future.
Ja’Elle owes the Thieve’s Guild help.
Ja’Elle owes the neogi information about Adalaentar.
Group – Rescue Moonshadow, the elven princess, from King Snurre, the fire giant king (Minor Quest)
Rowena put 100 g.p. reward through Lud for someone to provide information about the death of the Lambasan Crow.



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