Into the Rift

July 27, 2013

Feb 13, 994 at 8:30 p.m.

Just after an extended rest the heroes descend into the rift. After moving along a ledge, the group entered a cave, snuck up near some winter wolves, but then woke them up.

Tonight’s game began with combat. The heroes very quickly dispatched the two winter wolves and then two frost giants, one who was a hand axe thrower and the other who fought with an icy great axe. The area was searched, but no treasure was found. It appeared to be an entry guard area. Both Rowena and Kissandi scored two critical hits in this encounter.

Next, the heroes followed some fissures in the icy ground and pathways. Ja’Elle was almost dragged into a pit by icy tendrils, but managed to hold onto the ledge. Bui recalled his ally.

After planning, Ja’Elle and Rowena were able to leap to safety and explore the nearby icy caverns. They found eight humanoids encased in ice as trophies. In a minute, Rowena melted one of the casings, the one with the female elf, then searched her. Ja’Elle and Rowena returned and reported back.

After following the cave passageways further, the heroes found another ledge. Choosing between entering another cave or descending stairs, Rowena convinced the party that the heart of the enemy lie down into the rift.

Descending the stairs, the group noticed many large snow drifts, jagged ice, some blue florescent mist above small areas of the ice and a misty haze through the rift. Rowena melted one of the snow drifts. The rest of the party was a bit distracted. Rowena convince the group to descend further.

Two of the snow drifts were well disguised white puddings, that spouted pseudopods and surprise attacked the heroes, engulfing and digesting them on a few occasions. Fire did extra damage against the white puddings. Every time the puddings were hit by weapons, they split and created another spawn. Despite this difficult battle, none of the heroes were knocked unconscious, but much of the energy and resources (heal surges) were spent in the battle. Rowena and Ja’Elle took care of several pudding spawn. Kissandi and Bui did a lot of damage to the larger puddings. Tyzzer directed many attacks by his allies and was digested twice, taking a lot of damage in the battle. During the battle, Kissandi spotted two frost giants stationed on a ledge 100’ above whose eyes were fixed on an ice dome not too much further to the south. Ja’Elle got a feeling that danger awaited not too far away to the north, too.

As the battle concluded, Tyzzer received a mental message from Elrilmarioum, shared the gist of it with the party and then responded telepathically as part of the sending ritual originated from Elrilmarioum.

Elrilmarioum: “Nan wishes you well. Mission is recover battle plans from Jarl Grugnur, who coordinates Snurre’s raids. Vaald offers end hostilities if Grugnur killed. Determine genuineness.”

Tyzzer: We are at cusp of frost rift. Will find plans and try to talk to Vaald. Will kill Jarl fo’ sho’. Stay strong!

The group posted lookouts, Ja’Elle to the south watching the frost giant watchers and others near the base of the stairs. After a short rest, the heroes have healed up and are ready to go.

Which way will the heroes head next? What dangers await?

We’ll find out next time.

Party Gold = 66,145 g.p.
 (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)
Feb 13, 994 at 11:00 p.m.



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