Into the Prison Ward

Into the Prison Ward

March 15, 994 9:00 a.m. Party Gold = 314,665 g.p.
Leveled Up (full strength)- after 3 battles (past 1 milestone)
Rowena holds Thalra’s staff

• We walk brazenly into the prison ward and take on the azer guards.
o Azers in the control room shut the sliding doors to the hallway and drop the portcullis to their little room.
o Thalra is left locked out. She leaves and is not found by the party later.
o A couple unique fire giants come in and join the fight, a torturer and a headsman.
o We take down the bad guys pretty quickly.
• Rescue the prisoners.
o One of the elves is Fonkin Hoddypeak and is not a part of Moonshadow’s group.
• He offers to join us.
• Gleep Worp is a human traitor from Fonkin’s party who is now working with the fire giants.
• Virchilin is a drow who works with the fire giants.
o Boldo the fire giant offers to help us, but we’re not so sure.
o Talking to Moonshadow.
• She is an annoying bitch who wants to lead us.
• Virchilin was the consort of Eclavdra
• Eclavdra is gaining information and giving it to the giants.
• We need to kill all the drow; they are in charge.
• Bui is very diplomatic and convinces Moonshadow to do what we say.
• Tyzzer talks to the bodyguards and they want to take Moonshadow back to her people.
• Charazin frees Dram Blighthammer who wants to kill all fire giants and Obmi. So Charazin takes him over to Boldo and Dram starts beating the hell out of the chained up fire giant. None of the other PCs know this happened.
• Dram promises us that his father will reward us when this is done.
• Dram’s father is Zolco Blighthammer, a wealthy merchant.
• Dram seems to REALLY happy that his hammer has blood on it now.
o We take a lot of jewelry from the torture room.
• 6000 gp of jewelry
• 10,000 gp of gems
• 5000 gp of dragon statues.
• Two Potions of vitality
• 2500 gp of a ship in a bottle
o We loot the fire priest’s room
• A gem to be used to create +5 magic weapon.
• This amazing statuette of Imix worth 15,000 gp.
• 4,000 gp
o We fulfill the Moonshadow quest. Woo. Hoo.
• 2500gp for rescuing her.
• We head over the bridge to the temple (we don’t know who the temple is to, but we assume it’s a temple to Imix)
o On the way we see Keak, a gnome, in a cage suspended over the chasm.
o Bui teleports him to the bridge.
o Bats and flameskulls come flying up to the bridge. FIGHT!
• We are pulled off the bridge several times by the pesky flameskulls.
• Eventually, we take out the bats and leave the bridge and head to the temple.
• Keak escaped to the other side of the bridge and left the group.

March 15, 994 4:00 p.m. Party Gold = 359,115 g.p.
The group has Chest #5 unopened, the head of Frupy, the fire giant forge priest head, parts of the fire giant torturer and headsman, and a piece of the volcanic iron golem ready to deliver to Brazzemal. They still may need Snurre’s sub commanders.
Leveled Up (full strength)- after 4+ battles (past 2 milestones)
Rowena holds Thalra’s staff (Thalra is gone)



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