Eyes of Malachi, the Harrowfolk, and the Forlorn Tower

April 1, 2011

Terkent Notes April 1, 2011

11/15/993 Mid-afternoon
• Start with a perception check at mid-afternoon

o We see a dude in the woods wielding two axes, with hide armor and a helmet with bars in front and a bloodly eye ornament.

o Fight!!!

• Three of the axe dudes and one messed up hag-like chick.

• Gaard boldly charges into battle and surrounds himself with bad guys and pretty much takes care of them all himself.

• The other guys help some.

• Bui recognizes the markings on the baddies as those who worship Malachai, who is someone related to Ioun. But these guys have really messed up their worship.

• We kill everyone except one baddie pretty easily. (The DM is pissed, but we don’t care.)

• Rowena convinces the last baddie to drop his weapons and talks to him. She is tough.

• They serve Malachai and he still thinks we will die.

• They think we share their goal.

• They seek the Tear of Ioun.

• Bui tries good copping the baddie.

• Baddie laughs at Bui’s efforts.

• Baddie laughs again.

• We take a Mask of Slithering from the Tiefling.

• Give it to Pwi’lin.

o Gaard sees a humanoid barbarian, half-orc looking dude from across the river.

• He is Vaymeer of the Harrowfolk.

• He mentions the Forlorn Tower

• He will take us to it.

• The False Ones have taken it over.

• We might want to go there to kill bad guys.

• Mentions a city called Wellspring, but he doesn’t know anything else about the world beyond the Harrowood.

• He leads us to a place to rest on the way to the Tower.

• Dead Aberrations abound up a mountain path.

• We walk for about ¾ of a day through the blahblah mountains.

• We see the Forlorn Tower kind of in the middle of a waterfall.

o We come to the edge of the woods and look up at the Tower at about 8:00 in the evening on 11/16.

• Pwi really wants to wait here.

• Ben scouts ahead.

• One of the “dead” bodies comes to life. SURPRISE!! (duh)

• Bui runs away (he’s good at that), but the zombie still attacks.

o Zombie hits and grabs Ben.

o Ben smashes the zombie.

  • Ben returns to the group. It is nearing midnight on 11/16/993.



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