Entering the Hall of the Fire Giant King

Entering the Hall of the Fire Giant King

March 12, 994 -1:00 a.m.
Party Gold = 222,940 g.p.

Last time the party had defeated young red dragons and the dragon-worshipping kobolds to clear out a safe cave not far from the home of King Snurre, in the heart of the volcanic region.

Approaching the base of the volcano at 6:00 a.m., the characters use Ja’Elle to scout the entry doors. He sets up about 150 feet away, hidden amongst the rocks. The others stay back 200 feet further. Giants arrive and use the door around noon.

The group decides to try to find other entries. Charzin puts on some equipment and makes his way around the area and then makes a second wider loop finding no other entries.

Rowena flies on her bird, finds a chimney entryway on top of the volcanic hill. She drops a rock, lit with magical light and it goes down at least several hundred feet, deeper than the base of the hill.

The group decides to climb the hill and Bui makes a magical safe-house for the group to take a rest. Charzin stands guard on the roof of the house. As the others drift into sleep a huge red dragon emerges from the chimney, fully extends his wings, and scares the crap out of Charzin, who is speechless. Brazzemal the huge red dragon intimidates Charzin. The other party members, now awake again, emerge and try to reason with Brazzemal. Rowena unsuccessfully tries to play Brazzemal against Snurre, discovering they are at least allies. Tyzzer attempts to find out what Brazzemal wants, also unsuccessfully. Rowena tries and fails to give an offering of her staff of storms. Ja’Elle tries to sneak away, but Brazzemal will have none of it. Brazzemal welcomes you to dinner and flies back into and down the chimney.

The party puts on fresh clothes and descends the volcanic hill. Ja’Elle stays and scouts out the door again. Bui uses a sending ritual to see what’s taking Ja’Elle so long.

The group returns to their cave and rests.

March 13. The party sets out again and gets ready for the next raiding party. At about noon, another raiding party returns back towards the Hall of the Fire Giant King. The group ambushes them.

With Tyzzer and Charzin taking some damage, the group expends very few other resources (Charzin spent an action point, but he starts with two after an extended rest). The last fire giant is subdued.

Rowena uses comprehend languages to talk with the fire giant. After a little while, the group turns to violence to try to get info from him. Then, they drag his unconscious body to the front door and use his hand to open the door. Ja’Elle, at Charzin’s behest, kills the giant, attempting to use his body to prop the door open.

Quickly, the group enters. Rowena and Bui spot a small fiery creature behind a curtain. Gong! The azer hall warden saw the group, too. Charzin killed the azer gong boy.

Ja’Elle looked around the corner, saw and was spotted by (?) King Snurre (?). The large fire giant is protected by 3 other fire giants and 2 large hell hounds.

Fighting time!

March 13, 994 – 1:00 p.m.
Party Gold = 222,500 g.p.



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