Establishing a Base of Operations: Dragon's No More

Establishing a Base of Operations: Dragon's No More

March 11 late morning (11 am)
Party Gold = 190,540 g.p.

The group moves through the billowing volcanic ash towards a cave, in hopes of setting up a safe location to use as a retreat point from the Hall of the Fire Giant King, if needed…

Ja’Elle scouted ahead. Rowena spotted a trip-wire trap just before Ja’Elle triggered it. Ja’Elle was easily able to disable it. He found and disabled a pressure plate trap not far away.

The group ambushed a gaggle of kobolds, who were quite resilient. When the kobold chargers were destroyed, they made one last charge before burning out. At least four of the six burned out trying in vain to attack Charzin. The kobold mages were able to get off a dying breath area burst attack that softened up the party a bit. Tyzzer directed the attack as the others picked off the kobolds one by one. One kobold did escape. When Charzin ran after it, he sprang a trip-wire poison gas trap. The party decided to take a short rest and go slowly.

Ja’Elle was able to disable two more traps along what was an hour hike into the cave passages. Eventually, the party discovered a dragon lair inhabited by one adult red dragon, three red dragon wyrmlings, and two kobold mages.

A stoneskin application by Rowena and a blessing from Bui giving everyone temporary hit points negated much of the enemies attacks. Rowena was able to slow the dragons from escaping with a ball lightning. Ja’Elle used his daggers to critically hit and kill the wyrmlings. Charzin kept the adult dragon near him by threatening to destroy the eggs, by using his swordmage power to lasso the dragon, and by jumping on the dragon’s back. Bui saved Charzin from a long fall when the dragon was eventually able to tail slap him off.Throughout, Tyzzer was able to give extra attacks, allow his allies to switch spaces with allies to allow for important uses of his allies abilities, and even do some solid damage with his magic axe.

In the end, all the enemies were killed and the party took control of the cave as a base of operations. There was a large treasure (to be added soon) and 12 red dragon eggs left after the battle. The treasure included fifteen 1000 gp gems, a 3,000 gp value sapphire adorned tiara, and three diamond rings (1,000 gp value each) mixed in with a pile of 15,000 gp (placed in chests by the party). The group also discovered four potions of vitality (to be distributed in our next session).

After an extended rest, the party leveled up (now level 18) and decided to send Ja’Elle out to scout. He did and this is what you now know:

Nestled deep within the icy peaks of the King’s Mountains is a chain of volcanoes surrounded by an ashen plain of basalt crisscrossed with rivers of magma. Dubbed the Hellfurnaces, these angry volcanoes send plumes of smoke into the darkened sky, and embers fall like hot rain upon the land. You traveled across this hellish expanse to the foot of a steeply rising hill about three hundred feet high.

Smoke pours from numerous vents atop the hill, and occasionally some of these holes spurt jets of flame as well. Beneath this mound of slag and black rock lies the Hall of King Snurre (pronounced Snur-ee). Obsidian doors set into the base of the hill are the only visible entrance. They appear unguarded.

March 12, 994 at 1 a.m.
Party Gold – 222,940 g.p.



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