Entry into Sunderheart, Domain of Dread

Entry into Sunderheart, Domain of Dread

Nexes: “I will accept your final payment and then take you to the shore.” Kal Kathier gave him more food.

Upon final payment, Nexes says, “I see it is getting harder for you. You may need these…” (and shows vials of thick red liquid) Nexes will say it will reinvigorate you, but don’t use it too much (It is condensed blood). Kissandi rejects it. Xabier drinks one and buys several more for himself and Scathe.

Nexes says “Get rid of any illumination”

As Nexes and Xabier rowed the raft towards the first wall of Sunderheart, one of the dredgers called out for the group to go away. The dredgers seemed surprised to see a raft full of people approaching the city. Many dead, bloated corpses and lots of flotsam and jetsam floated in the water. The dredger ran away to summon the guard.

After sailing under the entry gate, the party was greeted by fast approaching town guard.

Nexes left the party and rowed away.

The group grew weary of the “greeting” they received. Kissandi stated her desire to meet the person in charge. The guards didn’t cooperate.

The city was a series of islands, divided by a main river flowing through the center and lots of canals that served as roads between. Some bridges connected some islands. Barges and punts sailed regularly for transportation. During the day the city was bustling with regular activity. The irregularity was that everyone seemed to have some sort of birth defect. On one person, it was a third leg. Another had extra fingers. Another had one color hair on one side and another on the other side of her head. Xabier found a woman with three breasts.

Scathe noticed the skin on her hands flaking off.

In a market, a little boy suggested the group meet the Witch on Downing Street. The group followed the boys advice and went to this location where they met an old, blind woman, her eyes sewn shut, who had a viable eye in the palm of her hand that she used to look around. She offered advice and knowledge and said she would give more if the group could go to the Broken Library, leaning over the edge of the Bleak Abyss and uncover the knowledge that she believes will help uncover the way out of Sunderheart.

The first night came and as foretold, dead arrived on barges. Kissandi, Kal-Kathier, Xabier, and Shivon’s falcon did battle on the island where the Witch on Downing Street lived. Kal-Kathier twirled his blades, cutting enemy after enemy down. Kissandi used a glowstone from Shivon to radiantly melt several undead as they approached the light. Xabier drooled as he waded through an undead enemy at a time in search of his brother Bael. They were victorious, but presumably only did battle with a small fraction of all those who entered from Tomb City.

The next day, the group agreed to be arrested by the sheriff, sleep for the night in the jail, and allow the sheriff to kill 3 others who were in the jail at the time, possibly criminals, supposedly so they didn’t tell of what happened. The sheriff did not want word to spread that he acted against Lady Ivania Dreygu or said anything about The Ghoul that was stitched to her back.

Kissandi and the others were planning to kill Lady Ivania, with the thought of using the river to enter under the palace, fight the monsters, the hellhound, and anything else that was there to gain entry into the palace first.

Evidence gathered by the heroes to kill Lady Ivania comes from the sheriff, who wants his opinion kept secret, the general feeling that this placed is cursed and the curse needs lifting, and a spiritual feeling by Kissandi to seek out the leader of the town.



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