Drug Induced Visions, An Elven Avenger, and Another Step Closer to Taking the Tower

Friday, December 16, 2011

Nov 18, 2 pm

Last time, after a heroic battle, we fled the tower without our defender, Pwi’lin, who was fried by a beholder and Shanaira.

We returned to the base of the mountain, just into the woods to rest. In doing so, we have gained enough experience to enter Paragon Tier and level 11. Oooooo, the power!

Kamien tells Rowena that he found her Kaorti symbol in the silver icon of Ioun, just as Rowena noticed it was gone.

Vaymeer of the Harrowfolk meets the party and asks Bui and Rowena what happened to Pwi’lin, to Gaard, and who is the False One (Denva) that they brought along? Bui and Rowena work to calm Vaymeer and to accept Denva. Meanwhile, Kamien notices Ja’Elle in tremendous pain and offers to help. Ja’Elle accepts.

Vaymeer says that Kamien needs help and calls in his shaman, Nilanthra. Nilanthra tells Bui and Rowena, they must chew this plant in order to help Kamien. Bui and Rowena accept.

All PCs have a drug-induced dream or vision. As an aside, we haven’t told each other about them, yet. An elven woman appears out of the woods. She says she wants to protect the little one, Ja’Elle. Ja’Elle says it is okay. Kamien seems to know her or of her. Rowena seems to recognize her, too. Eventually, she joins the party.

The party has a serious discussion about which way to go next. We go back and forth about which way is best to go. Vaymeer wants us to destroy the aberrations in the tower. We consider going to Wellspring, a town, and helping Denva. In the end, Vaymeer assures us that if Analastra helps, they can get Denva to Wellspring and find her help. We return to the tower.

Rowena makes us resistant to fire, a very useful device against an eye of flame and a fire-wielding wizard. We make quick work of Shantaira. The eye of flame proves to be a worthy opponent, knocking Bui unconscious. But, in the end with much damage done by all, we take out the beholder, too. Shantaira’s staff is magical and could come in handy.

We realize there are two floors left and likely two encounters. We take a short rest.

We have just reached level 11 and are 1 encounter in. Everyone spent their action point and healing surges have been used. Ja’Elle did not fight and is at full strength, should he return for the next encounter.

End at 9 pm on 11/18/993; Total Party Gold = 65,018



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