Double Agents

Scene One:
Start Time: Ja’Elle & Rowena 8:00 a.m. on Jan 12, 994
Javok leaves, saying he will be back in over a week, likely a week and a half or two with allies who can help return to the Steading. Ja’Elle and Rowena take an extended rest.

Scene Two:
Start Time: Kissandi, Bui, & Tyzzer unknown
As you awake, cold and without your armor or weapons in separate prison cells, you see a burst of light zoom across the sky. A male tiefling with a scar under his right eye, and a dark cloak and cape enters the hall and talks with the group. After the tiefling leaves, the group is introduced to PR III. He enters, flanked by two fire archons. After noting how impressed he has become with the exploits of the PCs despite their going counter to some of the work he has been backing, he tells the PCs he has spared their lives. He says he wishes to make an alliance with the PCs and to test them simultaneously. He has Ja’Elle returned to an adjacent cell and then shows the group a hooded and bound Rowena, whose life he holds in the balance. The group is told to choose two of three missions, accomplish them, and her life will be spared. The choices are noted below.

Story notes – PR III, tiefling tough guy, Zarenthal (magic circle), and some fire archons visit the captive PCs - PR III has spared the PCs lives and plans to enlist them or form an alliance with them. He gives the group a choice of fulfilling 2 of 3 missions. Rowena’s life is being held in the balance. All missions involve infiltrating a group and returning with names of important individuals in each group. The options are: Scarlet Guard, local elf network, and the Sojourners. The group chooses the Scarlet Guard and the local elf network. 2 mechanical hummingbirds are sent with the group presumably as spies or a way for PR III and his forces to view the PCs actions, the group is teleported via magic circle by Zerenthal to just outside of the capital, Lambasa, to start with the Scarlet Guard.

Rowena’s Story – captured while trying to keep track of Ja’Elle on the scouting expedition to the Steading, held hostage by PR III who said she will be killed if party does not complete their two chosen tasks.

Ja’Elle’s Story – scouted Steading, lost Rowena, back to cave, Javok returns much earlier than expected with a group that he says will value what you offer them but assures you can help you find your friends, Ja’Elle is captured by 20+ cultists & knocked unconscious (betrayed by Javok?), reunited with party in prison cells, in Lambasa with spy hummingbird, distracts bird with help of Kissandi, writes note, seeks and finds Knix, Knix has other rogues mug Ja’Elle – smash mechanical bird to bits – put under a barrel and spike the barrel into the ground, pays Knix with leather armor +3 & hires him to set up hits on Bui and his spy bird (Bui repels all attempts), stays away from meetings, getting info from thieves guild, so not to be seen by the other bird, eventually reunites with party outside of town after Kissandi gives the all clear in the birds. He prefers not to return to PR III, and plans to research PR III over the next 22 hours.

Kissandi’s Story – In prison, Kissandi seeks reassurance and receives it from the Raven Queen that her service is still needed. Seeing the passing comet (?) in the sky, Kissandi realizes that this may be supernatural and something meant to honor a god other than the Raven Queen; after accepting the offer from PR III and regaining her equipment, she immediately uses her falchion to smack a mechanical hummingbird just to see how well it is made. As a hummingbird stays with Ja’Elle, Kissandi follows and watches. Kissandi helps distract the bird, allowing Ja’Elle to scribble a quick note. Later, Kissandi sees Ja’Elle slip into a dark alley, and finds him being “mugged” by a few rogues. Ja’Elle isn’t putting up much of a fight and Kissandi realizes it is a set-up to destroy the bird. She doesn’t interrupt and it works. Then, she and Ja’Elle travel together, looking for ways to knock off the other tracker hummingbird. When reunited with Tyzzer and Bui, Kissandi joins them in a meeting with Van Devries, a representative of the king at the castle. After trying to convince Van Devries to help destroy the other hummingbird, Kissandi is dismissed and sent back out. Outside the city walls, the second hummingbird bursts into sparks. Kissandi notices the sparks form a burst 10 circle around the group, with all but two of the sparks quickly fading. She looks at the two that remain and they form part of the outline of a piece of parchment. The parchment directs the group to meet at a defined location in the woods just west of town in exactly 24 hours. Kissandi relocates Ja’Elle in town and brings him back out to meet with the party. She discusses possible options for the party for the next 22 hours and what to do about going into the woods for the likely transportation back to PR III in 22 hours. Over the next 22 hours, she plans to do some more research about Imix.

Bui’s Story – (surprise…Bui is a Sojourner – this may or may not be known to the rest of the party) Bui was graced with one of the two hummingbird trackers. He ventured into town and went to talk with people about the Scarlet Guard, trying to talk with those who he thought would know little and may provide poor information to PR III. He wanted to avoid Dunvan, a former friendly Scarlet Guard contact, if at all possible. Later in the day Bui was jumped by a few rogues. With some quick thinking and good use of his skills, he was able to shake them off. In the ordeal, he lost a potion of healing and his purse was lightened. At the inn where he stayed, his subconscious woke him up in the middle of the night when, once again a couple of rogues were approaching, this time sneaking in the shadows in his room. Using astral flare, he lit up the room and scared off the rogues. He reported the incident to management and they did all they could to make it up, offering him anything he wanted for breakfast and making his stay at the inn free. Bui received a note from his friends saying that he would be jumped again and to let it happen. Instead, Bui decided to stay in only heavily populated areas and well-lit areas so as to avoid being targeted a third time. Upon meeting his fellow adventurers he became aware of their intentions to destroy the tracker hummingbird, of which Bui was not convinced was the best plan, thinking it could lead to Rowena’s demise. Tyzzer was even more adamant about protecting Rowena. Bui joined Tyzzer and Kissandi in meeting with Van Devries. Bui was disappointed when Van Devries gave Dunvan’s name along with the names of two other unknown Scarlet Guard in the presence of the hummingbird. Once the full party was reunited, Bui suggested Ja’Elle research PR III while he and Tyzzer find Dunvan to try to help him and/or get information from him, before the timer with 22 hours left goes off.

Tyzzer’s Story – Tyzzer did not have a hummingbird tracker, so he set off to find out information about the Lambassa Scarlet Guard. He went to a guard house and met a dwarf Scarlet Guard at the door. After rediscovering that Scarlet Guard do not have higher ranks, Tyzzer asked for someone who may have more leadership or could be more helpful. He then met with a dragonborn warlord named Khiraj. He and Khiraj shared battle stories and discussed why Lambassa was in need of their skills right now. Upon Tyzzer’s request for a place where city and Scarlet Guards hang out, Khiraj suggested a seafood bar, The Dire Gar. Tyzzer ate and drank with city guards and commoners and took a lead from one to go to meet Shanks, a city official, inside the castle for more information. Tyzzer continued to ask how to become a Scarlet Guard and how to help the land. After sharing information about PR III and the hummingbird constructs, Shanks said Tyzzer should speak with Van Devries, a close helper of King Goodwell II. Van Devries seemed convinced that the best way forward was to have the PCs serve as double agents, uncovering as much about PR III’s whereabouts as possible while going along with PR III’s plan, and revealing as little as possible. Van Devries asked for a meeting with the entire group later. Ja’Elle did not attend. At this meeting, Van Devries gave three names of Scarlet Guard (Dunvan, Malagar, and Feck). He had told Tyzzer earlier that some information must be released to satisfy PR III and not blow cover for the PCs. Then, the three were separated because of Bui’s hummingbird. Tyzzer was summoned to meet with King Goodwell II. Tyzzer and Goodwell spoke and Goodwell thanked Tyzzer for serving the crown and the country and said to follow Van Devries’ plan. After the last hummingbird self-exploded and was gone, Tyzzer was quite upset with Kissandi and Ja’Elle for not protecting Rowena and trying to destroy the hummingbirds. Tyzzer clearly wants to preserve Rowena’s life first and foremost. He agrees with Bui to try to help him find Dunvan while the other research PR III and Imix before the 22 hour timer runs out.

Part of the Story of the Sojourners – Sojourners are a loosely organized organization of people who help those less fortunate than them. They are somewhat covert and at least nationwide organization in Terkent. The Sojourners recognize one another by a compass that is displayed in different ways on each Sojourner. Sojourners sometimes work solo. Other Sojourners receive aid from and know many others. Part of the reason the Sojourners don’t have a leadership is so that they can operate behind the scenes helping others without politics or money (bribes) influencing them.

End Notes – Ja’Elle plans to search town for more information on PR the third, Kissandi plans to research Imix, while Bui & Tyzzer look to find Dunvan. In just under 22 more hours, the group was instructed to go to a specific location in the woods west of town. The group has not decided whether all will go, if Ja’Elle will stay behind, or what they will do. Questions have been raised about the benefits and drawbacks of going or not going. On one side, the fear is that Rowena could be killed. On the other is that PR III has not been proven trustworthy or not to be trusted. Information gathered may help with the decision.

Current time is January 16, 994 at 8:00 p.m.
Current party loot = 38,913 g.p.



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