Deeper into the King's Mountains

April 25, 2013

Feb 4, 994 at 10:00 p.m.

Group just leveled up to LVL 15.

The group attempted to deal with the tenebrous assassins, but kept their cool to stay on good terms with Thane Arnak and Utanu, the three-eyed stone giant seer.

Venturing to find the ingots with the company of four goats and a small wagon, the group followed the directions of a stone giant and journeyed for four days deeper into the King’s Mountains. Mostly, the group stayed on course. On two occasions, the group got off the path and encountered troubles that presented challenges. Both challenges were easily met, but Glint was killed. His body preserved by Bui, the group continued on. The group left off approaching the presumed destination.

Today’s episode is told through the eyes of a few characters:

I am Kissandi. I am cool. The Raven Queen is cooler.

The fools from the tenebrous cabal were allowed to live so that I might advance the wishes of the RQ here on Terkent. Soon enough they will feel the fate of her never ending winter.

Once again I allowed the talkers to waste their time and breath. It led us to an exploration through mountain passes. Are those others blind? Oh well. I saw many of the potential problems and even snuck through areas that were of no consequence to the the RQ. When my blade was needed I was more than up to the task. I must admit I find a strange attraction to the woman man Tyzzer. He has allowed me to see weaknesses in our foes defenses that I would have not noticed otherwise allowing extra attacks. Once he even shouted out a flaw as I flew past a gargoyle allowing me multiple attacks. The landing was not very smooth but I am working on that less important feat of skill even as we speak.

As the party made its way toward and into the mountains, Tyzzer went to great lengths to demonstrate his athletic prowess. As impressive as Tyzzer’s displays were, he always found that Ja’Elle was one step ahead of him performing ever so slightly more impressive athletic displays. What’s more is Ja’Elle’s displays added just enough acrobatic panache to wow even the most hard to please audiences.

The gargoyle leader grabbed Rowena and carried her high up to a perch atop a wall. Despite struggling mightily, Rowena was neither strong enough nor limber enough to free herself from the gargoyle’s tightening grip. Ja’Elle saw what was happening, and knew he needed to act quickly to free her. He devised a plan, and sprung into action. His dagger became a blur as he made swift, sweeping attacks. His first attack found its mark, as one of the lesser gargoyles was hit and exploded into countless crystal shards. With lightning speed, Ja’Elle’s dagger was airborne again and heading directly for the gargoyle leader. He never saw it coming, and the sheer force of the weapon plunging into his midsection knocked him off the wall and sent him hurtling toward a crevice in the floor. The gargoyle was able to regain his balance quickly and save himself from what could have been a life-threatening fall, but in the process was not able to maintain his hold on Rowena. She was now free to start launching attacks from atop the wall. Meanwhile, Ja’Elle returned to his position in the shadows to await another opportunity to strike.

The party found itself surrounded by four umber hulks that had burrowed up from below the ground. Thanks to Tyzzer’s keen senses, he was able to alert the party before the ambush could be sprung. Ja’Elle jumped into action immediately in the hope of turning the tables on the umber hulks and catching them off guard. He dashed across the battlefield, taunting each umber hulk he passed. His quick movement and aggressive actions left them bewildered. The three umber hulks that were goaded into trying to attack Ja’Elle wound up attacking themselves instead. Unfortunately, only one of them landed an attack, but Ja’Elle was able to further use the confusion to his advantage as he moved to better position on the battlefield.

Ja’Elle had been waiting for this moment. An umber hulk who was not yet bloodied had left his flank exposed, so Ja’Elle decided to make him pay for the mistake. Moving from his hiding place, Ja’Elle quickly flanked the umber hulk and launched a brutal attack. A well-placed blow rendered the beast unconscious. Ja’Elle then followed up with a coup de grace that dealt devastating damage to the prone enemy.

Tyzzer took the lead in the discussions with the Thane and Utanu, and was very diplomatic and kept us in good standing with both giants (although some aggression might have helped us find out more about Utanu’s motives). He was also able to use his athletic abilities and crafting skills to help us navigate the tunnels. In the fights he just did his normal thing: he got pummeled and gave orders.

Current Date and Time: Feb 9, 994 at 8:00 a.m.
Current Party Gold: 62,345 g.p. (owe Glint (dead) or his family 6,000 g.p. more after Feb 12; owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)



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