Deeper into the Ancient Ziggurat

Deeper into the Ancient Ziggurat

April 16, 994 continued continued

We enter the room. The gases begin to ooze out of the pods.

A bug man is in the corner. Larva mage.

An Astral stalker from Dart Mouth College appears. (ⓒSteve L)

Astral Stalker x2

“Let there Bui light!” (ⓒSteve L)

We kill everything

Craynor finds a sack of 1000 gp

Tyzzer finds 4 jewel-encrusted statuettes from an ancient civilization – Tyzzer feels a connection to them,
1 dragonborn
1 human crocodile

2 ft tall obelisk with ever changing runes

Notes from the larva mage: in common the larva mage was doing arcane research on the pods in the room. Tyzzer feels the pods were alien to this world. Maybe aberrant. Maybe they were going to hatch. Maybe not. Many hypothesis (plural).

The journals go in the spider. It is loaded. Like a diaper. Loaded Diaper.

Rowena checks out the fat statue. So does Craynor, but in a different way.

Historical statue from an ancient civilization

We exit to the West. It goes along ways. At least ¼ mile. Short rest. Path continues. Path breaks left right or straight or stairs down.

Go down the stairs.

Then we go left. We could have gone right. But we didn’t. ⅛ of a mile later. The pathway is blocked with rocks. The cave-in seems old. It seems old and thick.

We go back and then we go right. We run into left, right, or straight. We go left. A long pathway later is a crypt. We loudly walk into it.

There is a tapestry with a black-skinned man with a two-headed tiger and mountains. The mountains look like pyramids – some of them do. Our light source does not penetrate the darkness as normal. Bui feels a connection to the Shadowfell. Maybe a rift. Craynor sees a shadowy movement. He charges it.

It is a ghost. It possesses Alphariel. Fighting ensues.

Craynor finds 2 potions

We leave after freeing ghost and after three contract mummy rot.

We go back and go the original straight.

We go to a waterfall room. The builder’s didn’t plan for this. We see the broken remnants of crypts. Lots of bad guys and some floating gibbering talking creatures. We leave.

We go to the path less traveled. Back to intersection. Everything is all MC Escher.

We go back to the shaft. Craynor climbs down.

Everyone else stops wussing out and climbs or flies down too. There are islands in water. Altar. Treant.



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