Concern for the Capital

Concern for the Capital

April 25, 994

The attacks from Adalaentar have stopped. The storm dies down.

There is confusion and some chaos amongst those who defended Castle Locathah.

Somehow we have returned to this scene. Could the hourglass have brought us back here?

There is confusion. Tyzzer and Bui talk to the Silver Hand that remain. Sarax is gone. Tyzzer asks who will lead? Lyrie Akenja does not know yet. Tyzzer and Bui convince more to unite in the aftermath of Sarax’s dip into insanity (killing of Nan and condemnation of Tyzzer over using Mani the boxer as a messenger to the secret organization).

Kissandi arrives during the calm after the storm. There are questions about her arrival. She serves the Raven Queen, but is concerned that she could not find her god in the Shadowfell as she expected. Perhaps there will be clues in this dimension.

Bui figures out that they are in the northern King’s Mountains, on the coast. Eventually the group teleported to their flying tower. The four set out on the flying tower back to Lambasa.

Descending behind the gates of Lambasa, Kissandi spots zombies in a graveyard and flies to the attack. Over the next couple days, the group meets with Elrilmarioum at the University (Roweana), Mike, a trusted town guard (Tyzzer & Bui), and deal out death to more undead (Kissandi).

The heroes learn of guard patrols being used for regular crime, while outsiders (mostly elf brigades) are being sent to deal with the undead and the fire cultists (Imix).

Kissandi tries to figure out what is leading the rise of undead in Lambasa. She finds triangular patterned symbols in a recently defaced shrine to Corellon.

Rowena studies at the university trying to put together information to help the group. A note arrives from PR III (signed FB – short for Flame Brother) to set up a meeting.

Later Bui & Tyzzer meet with Van de Vries and tell him that he is not doing his job. He clearly feels threatened by the heroes and is not trusted by them.

All turn their attention to piecing together clues about the rise of the undead and where the next hit may be. Kissandi gathers clues from her two nights of slaughtering undead in the city. Tyzzer talks to town guards for more information. Rowena looks for details in written works. Bui uses his street smarts to discern patterns on the map. Together the group is able to uncover a pattern.

The timing expected is the same night as the proposed meeting with PR III outside of town. Bui uses a ritual twice to communicate with PR III. The group is expected to with him later that night, even if they arrive late.

The group sets up at a location of worship, with images of many gods in the cathedral and a large field of gravestones.

It is night. Kissandi hides by the central statue. Rowena is on an adjacent street, her bird flying and trying to see into the pockets of streetlight. Bui is on the roof of the cathedral, away from the moonlight, keeping a lookout. Tyzzer peers out of the opened doors of the cathedral.

Kissandi feels a buzzing and senses vibrations in the statue. Bui, Rowena, and Kissandi see various patches of ground move, as though something or someone is emerging from the graves below. A little later Tyzzer hears a sound behind him, a scraping. He turns to see a hooded figure with stone or metal scraping into a statue about 60-70’ away. A light (looks arcane and/or necrotic to Kissandi) approaches the statue from the opposite side as the cathedral.

Kissandi 35
Rowena 30
Bui 27
Tyzzer 18

It is now night on April 27, 994. It is dark outside.



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