Battling Deeper into the Rift Pt 2

September 8, 2013

Feb 14, 994 at 12:15 a.m.

The fight against the ogres continues. Each side does not enter the fire and waits. One ogre is killed with a ranged attack.

Two medium sized winter wolves are spotted sneaking up on the party from behind.

The battle continues on two fronts.

When the winter wolves are hit, they turn into whirling zephyrs of snow and are insubstantial.

The ogres are defeated.

The winter wolves are bloodied, but escape.

The battle continues in a nearby cavern where ice toads re-sound the alarm.

Kissandi makes quick work of four of the five ice toads.

A giant and two large winter wolves enter the fray.

The mass resist cold greatly reduces damage from the winter wolves and the giant.

The winter wolves and giant are defeated, just after another giant escaped deeper into the caves.

Battle highlights:

  • Ja’Elle’s dagger found the weak spot of many enemies with multiple critical hits
  • Kissandi’s ability to use lashing blades to damage enemies and repulse others kept her mobile and on the trail of many oath targets.
  • Rowena’s wall of fire and mass resist were huge assets for the party in the battle. Area attacks also ripped into enemies.
  • Bui’s ability to demoralize bloodied enemies with his own powers and the standard came into play several times. He also neutered the power of Thurbash, the ogre leader, and healed many.
  • Tyzzer’s gameplan and commands let Kissandi and Ja’Elle deal a ton more damage. Tyzzer’s use of his new Great Axe of the Glacial Rift came in handy for ranged and melee attacks.

After killing everything but the frost giant who got away, the group searches the dead in the final cave, then decides to retreat, rest, and learn from so many great battles over the past week or two, knowing that with a little training each character will be able to do more.

Ja’Elle comes up with an amazing plan to carefully get areas searched, dwarves saved, and find a safe spot to rest afterwards.

Ja’Elle, Kissandi and Rowena search the area on the ledge, find no treasure, see no action in your quick check below the edge, and move on.

They carefully move on to the alarm toad area and find no enemies. They search the area and find an unlocked wooden chest atop a pile of frozen skulls. Inside there a two sacks of 750 gp each (1500 gp total), a pair of spiked boots (-1 speed, ice walk ability – no slippage), a necklace of finger bones, a handaxe blade (to be used as a hand chopper), a metal helm (clearly used as a bowl for soup), and a wooden spoon.

Then, Ja’Elle remains as a lookout as Rowena and Kissandi return to the ogre cave.

Meanwhile, Tyzzer and Bui return to help set the dwarves free in Thurbash’s cave. Tyzzer finds a chest with keys to unlock the chains that shackle the dwarves, along with a pile of gold (10,000 gp), a skinning knift, old sandals, and a waterskin. Two other alcoves are crammed full of stolen provisions, including barrels of ale and crates of food.

After winning over the dwarves with stories of city life and wisdom gained on the street and breaking the top off some brews, Tyzzer is able to win some key information from Haelin and the other dwarves of Undermountain. They have heard tales of a great bug lizard beast in the ice dome that can swallow giants whole, but know nothing about other locations in the rift. Tyzzer figures that this must be a remorhaz, and plans to avoid it. They offer their thanks for freeing and saving them. They also tell Tyzzer and Bui of an exiled dwarf noble who now serves King Snurre the fire giant chief as an advisor. The dwarf lords want this traitor to stand trial for treason and are willing to pay 250 pp for his capture. Haelin and company ask the heroes to save and return any more dwarves they free back to their homes and families. Tyzzer and Bui escort the dwarves to the entrance to the rift before saying farewell. The dwarves intend to return to the nearest dwarf clanhold, Undermountain. Bui and Tyzzer return to find the rest of the party.

The characters rest and level up.

Already subtracted 1800 for Kissandi’s LVL 6 +2 magic holy symbol (bought previously, now added). Already added the loot found by Tyzzer.

Party Gold = 84,745 g.p.
 (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)
Feb 14, 994 at 9:30 a.m. (after extended rest)



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