A Deal with the Dragon

A Deal with the Dragon

March 14, 994 9:00 p.m.

The party heads in the direction of the front doors, 4 severed fire giant hands stored to use for safe reentry…

Spotted high above by Tyzzer, the dragon, Brazzemal effortlessly flies down towards the party.

Neither side intimidated, a negotiation is made. The dragon says Snurre is dead. Brazzemal says he killed Snurre because he ran to him seeking protection, not a very kingly thing to do.

Brazzemal wants the heads of the Queen, the fire giant forge master, Snurre’s sub commanders, and the volcanic iron golem in exchange for Snurre’s head. The party seems content with the deal. Brazzemal tosses what appears to be Snurre’s iron net to them and leaves.

Charzin leads the party back into the fire giants home, using the severed hand to seemingly deactivate the door.

The group first goes a new direction, listening first, then surprising the kitchen staff led by Sulfuria. A handful of azer servants were quickly destroyed. Sulfuria seemed to try to escape but was quickly boxed in and destroyed. A seething flaming shard was freed after the fight. Rowena made a brief kinship with it and it followed the party until the next battle began, before escaping. The party found a small sack of coins with 250 gp.

The group continued until they reached the armory where they dispatched 4 hell hounds, two fire archons, and a azer pyromancer who led them. Lots of giant weapons and armor here, but nothing of note. The group reached a milestone and gained an action point.

Next up, the group headed into an area with 6 azer blackguard. Ja’Elle tried to start the fight off with a bang, but ended up taking lumps from many of the very prepared azer blackguard. Rowena immobilized and moved the encroaching azer. Charzin kept them at bay. Tyzzer commanded his allies to strike them while they were down. Bui magnificently weakened the enemy with the power of his god and the standard of the silver dragon. After half of the azer fell in the battle a dwarf slave in manacles stumbled out of a nearby doorway asking for help. Tyzzer went to see how to help. The group defeated the azer. The manacles on the dwarf prisoner came off very easily when Ja’Elle looked to remove them.

We left off about to take a short rest, to talk with the dwarf prisoner, and to continue on through the entry level of Snurre’s lair.

March 14, 994 11:30 p.m.
Party Gold = 222,750 g.p.



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