An Unexpected Arrival: Skyblade - Spy, Assassin, Silver Hand Employee?

An Unexpected Arrival: Skyblade - Spy, Assassin, Silver Hand Employee?

March 16, 994 8:00 a.m. Party Gold = 419,856 g.p.
The group just leveled up
Reunited: Tyzzer Zaneen and Nan Hornburg
The plan to descend to level 3 and take on any drow and all evil that lurks there (excepting Brazzemal). The first plan is to destroy the emanating sense of undeath that Bui sensed below the temple of the Elder Elemental Eye.

As the group discusses plans and talks with Nan, Charzin and Rowena hear and sense the tentacle wall moving and then notice shadows flickering as something has entered the curtained room. Rowena announces there is an intruder and casts light to brighten the room.

Out steps a blue skinned, transparent white-haired medium female humanoid. The group questions her and senses tension between her and Nan.

Nan seems to know her, or of her. She says her name is Skyblade and that she was sent by the Silver Hand. Nan says she is a known spy. She says she is an assassin.

She claims to have been sent to ensure the victory over the giants and the dark force behind them.

The group has developed more trust in Nan, despite Skyblade’s questioning of his reasons for joining. Nan suggests that either option comes with its benefits and its drawbacks. Accepting Skyblade is a risk worth taking, as long as they keep an eye on her. He believes it would not be good to turn down help sent by Sarax (via Carnavon, as stated by Skyblade). The risk is if she assassinated a member of the Silver Hand and now is tracking one or more of the party.

Her story of entry into the Fire Giant Hall seemed right, but the group didn’t trust her.

She stated that pay is her motivation, not some greater ideal. She made light of Bui and Tyzzer’s greater ideals and, after being told about Thalra, asked how well those ideals stood up in the group saving Thalra from her drow compatriots?

Skyblade questioned Charzin’s entry into the group, too.

The group’s options seemed limited. She joined and the group descended towards the cold feeling of undeath.

Exploring the tunnels to the south, with Tyzzer’s axe the source of light in an otherwise pitch black part of the mountain, two troll wraiths floated near a large pit in a cavern filled with stalagtites and natural posts. A battle broke out. There were five troll wraiths and one more huge troll wraith who ascended from the large pit.

The battle lasted and lasted as the trolls regenerated and took partial damage because they were incorporeal.

Bui momentarily rebuked violence, making it so the enemy could not attack for some time.

The heroes found out that if they hit the troll wraiths with fire, it momentarily shut down their regeneration. When the heroes hit with radiant energy the troll wraiths became temporarily corporeal.

The troll wraiths only dealt necrotic damage. Rowena gave the heroes resistance to this type of damage.

Towards the end of the fight, Rowena put a fire defense on herself and threw herself into the whisps that were left when trolls were defeated, before they could reform and reanimate.

The trolls were defeated. All of the heroes and the two new allies aided in the fight.

Bui sensed that the bones in this area were still not at rest. To ensure they did not reanimate, the group took time to burn all of the bones to ash. Bui felt the souls released and the air cleared.

The group explored the nearby tunnels.

The group took a short rest.

The group realizes that just to their west is where the dragon resides, a little south and west is where the lava pit is below the bridge the group crossed above. Further west is the home of the chimeras. There may be some other areas near there, but the group is not interested in any of these parts now.

Based on what Keak, and to a lesser extent Obmi, told them, they need to go north and then possibly later northwest to get to the stronghold of the drow, the place the heroes seek to defeat that darker force behind the giant raids, likely led by Eclavdra, the one who escaped the group in the Temple of the Elder Elemental Eye.

Instead, the group took the northeast passage and will uncover what is there next time.

Next time:
The group goes into the northeast passage…

March 16, 994 2:00 p.m. Party Gold = 419,856 g.p.
One battle since leveling up
Rowena still has a disk of awesome for her use of the portal of surprise magic



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