An Amazing Healer and a Remarkable Reunion

May 21, 2011

Approaching midnight on November 16, 993.

The group disagrees on the best course of action in approaching the tower. Benjin wants to go to the front door. He says senses someone he knows needs help there, and soon. The others are not sure about the wisdom of entering the front door when there may be other options.

While the others are out scouting, Bui confronts Pwi’lin about a possible drug addiction. With Pwi’lin’s consent, Bui helps to cure him of his addiction, at no small cost to Pwi’lins health.

The group reunites, ascends the mountain and approaches the tower. The tremendously loud waterfall diminishes the ability to hear well at all.

Because of the scouting and planning, the party is not surprised by zombies and ghouls who were attempting to blend in with the other dead bodies littering the pathway to the tower. Bui, aided by a few others, pick off the zombie minions one by one before they can do anything. The ghouls prove a little tougher, but nothing we can’t handle.

After the battle, we scout a little further, Benjin leading us to the front door, and Gaard hanging back the furthest.

After Benjin opens the front door, Pwi’lin comes to help as a flesh golem and a stirge swarm emerge. Bui and Ja’Elle wade into the battle as a blueish dwarf, obviously affected by aberrant forces emerges to do us great pain. Gaard remains just close enough to give minimal support with his ranged weapon while cursing enemies looking his way to check to see if they can reach him with a running charge.

Benjin says the dwarf is his father!?! Ja’Elle knocks the dwarf unconscious, but he awakens before taking any damage.

The enemy proves very tough. Ja’Elle is knocked unconscious and takes strike one as he bleeds out. Bui meticulously bandages Ja’Ell wounds, blanches the bleeding, but Ja’Elle remains unconscious (but not dying). The flesh golem is slain. The stirge swarm is bloodied.

The dwarf is bloodied. Benjin, as diplomatic as he can be, convinces the dwarf, his father (?), to drop his weapon. They embrace. Only long enough to realize that two foulspawn manglers are coming to attack!



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