A Threat From Beyond This World

A Threat From Beyond This World

The night started as planned. It was late on April 27, 994 when all of our detective work began to pay off.

Kissandi felt the statue vibrating and heard it buzzing in the center of the graveyard. Rowena’s bird circled the sky looking for clues. Bui held tight on the dark side of the temple roof. Tyzzer heard a scraping noise behind him in the temple.

A dull necrotic light emitted from the statue and a group of 3 ghostly figures approaching leading a cultist of Orcus.

The battle between Kissandi, Bui, and Rowena and Orcus’ force ensued while Tyzzer intimidated the kenku scrawler in the temple.

Every lightning attack by Rowena seemed to trigger the statue to crackle with electric energy. The statue later began to animate and simultaneously emit blue mist that became more and more thick.

Bui’s immortal presence seemed to confound the enemy, not allowing them to damage Kissandi or Rowena.

Kissandi held the entire Orcus force away from the statue and away from her allies as she attacked.

Tyzzer saw the kenku had drawn the same triangular rune on the altar in the temple. The kenku kept saying things in various sounds and languages. Eventually Tyzzer got this out of him “it is the time, the time is here…there is no turning back” as Tyzzer understood the kenku to be trying to spread word of the end of times.

4 Angels of Sorrow and another Angel associated with the Raven Queen descended. The Angels of Sorrow tore apart the already injured Orcus cult leader. The last of insubstantial enemies fled at this point.

To Bui and Rowena, it appeared the angels only were there but a second. However, Kissandi felt their presence for longer as she spoke with them. The lead angel told Kissandi that She is missing, and that there is much more at stake here than Orcus, we need help. The lead angel said they would return to the Shadowfell to find Her, and that Kissandi needed to find out more about what is happening and to lead in dealing with this new and unexpected threat.

After Kissandi destroyed the Chillsparks from the Far Realm, led by Rowena, the heroes sealed the rift created in the statue that seemed to be an opening from the Far Realm.

The kenku was questioned. Kissandi said the best way to gain more knowledge of what is happening is to let the kenku free and to trail him. That is what she did while the others went to the abandoned barn on the outskirts of Lambasa to meet PRIII. On this night, Kissandi followed the kenku to the slums in town, but learned no more of the new threat.

In the meeting with PRIII, PR III said overwhelming evidence and witnesses had been found directly linking Goodwell to the murder of the Lambasan Crow and compelling evidence had been uncovered that Goodwell has a cozy alliance with Adalaentar. PR III (Flame Brother) said the bad news is that does not matter right now because the world we seek to change for the better is torn.

A discussion of this new threat from the Far Realm ensues. PR III says there is evidence of Far Realm beings entering the world in various locations in Terkent, Rhendlich, and Mar-Dir. He says this could undo the world as we know it.

In the discussion, the heroes and PR III question why the war between the gods has ramped up of late and what must be done. PR III is questioned about why he is aligned with evil forces. He says all will have a role. One god does not rule supreme nor hold sway over what is best for the world. He both praises and questions Imix.

PR III is still interested and expecting to share the Deluvian Hourglass with Tyzzer. Tyzzer is not ready to honor this commitment yet.

PR III says he and the heroes need to gain more knowledge of how to deal with this new threat. He says he has someone, a Seer name Zigana, that he wants to get counsel with and invites the heroes to go with him. He also sees the wisdom in the heroes (and possibly him) meeting with the dragons for more wisdom. He believes all sources that can help should be consulted. The heroes agree.

Next time, we plan to regather the party, and meet with PR III on the night of April 28, 994 to travel to meet Zigana, and then to go see the dragons (likely without PR III). After this we plan to work to end this threat from the Far Realm on our world.

It is now early morning, pre-dawn on April 28, 994.



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