A Stonearm Ambush

July 25, 2010

October 21st, 993 Mid-day

We start by recovering in the mystical Corellon shrine. Bui performs the ritual Comrades’ Succor (Blow) and the group heals those most in need.

Tyzzer Zaneen asks Bellanamus why the trees are bleeding. It’s because they are magic.

Bui asks about Bantos. Bellanamus tells us that he used to be a devout worshiper of Corellon and we can find him easily near Lambasa. We are a little concerned that we might need to prove that Bantos is a traitor and murderer.

We check out the broken font and alter and see grafitti that says, “Corellon watches and does nothing.”

We decide to leave the shrine and head to Lambasa. Ja’ Elle and Benjin Ulf are going to stealth and find out info.

As we phase back into the real we see a group with a bunch of Stonearms, Denthain, and Alaria and an elephant. They want a fight, and we are happy to oblige.

INITIATIVE!!!! Craynor, Ja’ Elle, and Atli attack some tough Stoners. Tyzzer Zaneen and Bui take on some minions (both slipping and falling in the river in the process). Benjin Ulf does his own thing.

The elephant charges Ja’ Elle and misses. Whew.

Denthain says “I will help you!” Then runs away . . . WTF?

More fighting . . .

Ja’ Elle, Craynor, and Atli all fall and revive during the battle.

We kill everyone other than the leader and Alaria and they run away. All except Ja’Elle and Benjin Ulf chase after them.

End session. Next time, the chase!

TZ has no dailies or encounters, 31 hp, 5 surges + SW. Ben has no dailies other than armor and weapon dailies, has yield ground, 57 hp, 7 surges + SW, never bloodied. Ja’Elle has 54 hp and 2 surges, no SW



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