A Quick Path to the Lower Level

June 30, 2012

Ja’Elle coordinated a plan to help cover tracks or slow the sounding of an alarm. The group divided out. Tyzzer and Bui unhooked the gong. Kissandi, Ja’Elle, and Rowena listened at doors. Ja’Elle put some minor obstructions in the way of the main entry doors. The group piled the dead bodies of the ogres and hill giants on top of the gong in the center of the stairwell, out of sight of those initially walking into the room. The lights were extinguished. It seems pretty certain that there is a party behind the large double doors.

The group entered the small double doors near the stairs and found a hall where lights were extinguished. The group stealthily entered another hall and listened at another door. Snoring was audible.

The group quickly entered the room. Before any coup de graces, Rowena stumbled over some furs and awakened the 6 sleeping ogres. The group made quick work of the ogres, but not before the ogres yelled for help.

The group considered descending a staircase, but two stone giants entered the battle seconds later from the door the party had used to enter the room.

The battle with the stone giants took something out of the party, but the giants were defeated as Tyzzer momentarily supplanted Bui as healer.

The group searched the ogres room and then decided to descend to the basement/dungeon level of the Steading.

The large room housed two bugbear guards stationed by gongs. One of the bugbears yelled for help. The two bugbears were quickly killed.

Rowena was able to burn 8 bugbears to death with one spell. Kissandi battled the bugbear captain while the others worked on 2 carnivorous apes and a hill giant jailer. Many crits later, the group defeated the enemy, with Bui barely bringing down the bugbear captain before he could escape and alert others. During the fight, Ja’Elle was knocked unconscious twice, but healed by Tyzzer.

After the battle, the group gained Forgemaster’s Gloves (Kissandi) and a Thundering Battleaxe +3 (Tyzzer – may pay 7500 gp later to move the gem to another weapon). The group freed 11 human slaves including Zandor Caskerhill. Tyzzer was able to slightly calm Zandor, before Kissandi reduced Zandor to tears and shrieks of fear again. Kissandi knocked him out and dragged him back into the cell.

The other prisoners agreed to wait in the cells until the party can help them escape. They were glad to give the party information about the nearby smithy and torture chamber, about the mines, and about the temple. The prisoners refused to go to the temple, describing it as “an evil place.”

You’ve gone 3 encounters. You know how many daily powers and action points you have left.

What you (think you) know:
Prisoners shared info about what they knew about the basement/dungeon level: a Smithy & adjacent Torture Chamber (fire giant forgepriest, 2 hill giant torturers, possibly more), some mines (dwarf slaves, possibly more), and a temple that the prisoners call “an evil place.” There are some unknown areas in this level beyond those mentioned by the prisoners or explored by the party.
On the main floor, the party perceived a party happening in a great hall in the center of the building. There were several other parts of the main floor unexplored, too.

The plan for next time:
Start with the Smithy area (also adjacent to the Torture Chamber)
Then going back upstairs to clear things out room by room.
At some point, the group (especially Tyzzer) wants to save the dwarf slaves from the mines and the human slaves from the cells.
An extended rest may be needed in the near future.
The group wants to find a map or information about the location of the other strongholds of the Stone, Frost, and Fire Giants.

Have the giants on the main floor discovered the uninvited guests yet? How long does the party have before they switch from hunter to hunted? How long can the group hold out before needing to rest and recuperate before launching another attack on the Steading?

All this and more next time!



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