New Alliances, a Troubled Old Friend and Into the Hellfurnaces, Seeking a Safe Haven

New Alliances, a Troubled Old Friend and Into the Hellfurnaces, Seeking a Safe Haven

Feb 24 @ 3 pm

The group gives up on finding Kissandi before leaving town, but want to do what they can to ensure her safety. Ja’Elle meets Dryrry at the Thieve’s Guild, asking the guild to look out for Kissandi and to inform her where the rest of the party is going. Ja’Elle also asks about Feck. Dryrry says Knyx trusts Feck, that Feck is in danger, but to contact her, more reputable means should be taken (not rogues). She is said to normally shop at an all day Farmer’s Market. Meanwhile, Bui does a sending ritual to let Kissandi know the party will be leaving Lambasa to head towards the fire giant stronghold.

Approximately 7 pm – The party arrives in the market. The town guard is looking for someone. Maybe it’s Feck. Tyzzer tries to divert their attention. Rowena creates what sounds like a dangerous crime and a woman in despair that leads the town guard away.

Tyzzer finds Feck and asks to meet. Ja’Elle hustles past and gets involved, luckily and skillfully not alarming Feck. Feck tells the group to meet her at 8 pm at an abandoned house to talk.

Feck and the party talk, both seeming to gain the trust of each other. After a long talk, Feck says she can keep herself safe in town, knows she is wanted by the town guard, but after hearing of the party’s forays, says she has a friend who could help the party. She says she will alert her friend and set up a meeting at an abandoned farmhouse in the morning.

Feb 25 morning – Elrilmarioum tells the party to meet him outside of town when they are ready to depart. The party leaves town to meet with Feck’s friend. At the abandoned barn, the group meets the swordmage Charzin (pronounced sharzen). He says he is originally from Aramil and that he was aware of something with the Lambasan Crow and now, hearing there were others interested in opening the case back up, has become interested. However, having had to leave Lambasa for his own safety, he gets word through Feck, another “disgraced” Scarlet Guard member, under cover in Lambasa.

Charzin was never friends or associates with the Lambasan Crow, but had seen him perform a few times. The nights leading up the assassination, he noticed a trusted friend, Tabata (pronounced tah-bah-tah) and another associate, Seneca, who were acting much different than normal. Tabata, also honored as a Scarlet guard, talked of leaving town soon and asking Charzin to join him. Seneca, normally a reliable town guard and a great jokester lost his sense of humor, did not show up for his post on consecutive nights, nor did he meet with the group at the bar. On the night of the assassination, both Tabata and Seneca were missing. Later that night, he was confronted by a woman he’d never met. The woman cursed him and said he knew the men who killed the Lambasan Crow. Of course, Charzin had no idea what she was talking about, until later. Seneca and Tabata disappeared from town. Charzin investigated and found other witnesses who reported what they saw to him. He made sure all of their stories checked out. He was certain. He was able to track down his Seneca outside of town and bring him in. Reporting this information and bringing Seneca directly to Van de Vries, Charzin expected everything to be rectified quickly. Instead, the witnesses disappeared, Seneca left town again after being freed, and Charzin was said to be misleading the town with these false accusations, and therefore banished from Lambasa. Before leaving, Charzin checked in with a longtime acquaintance, and now fellow disgraced Scarlet Guard, Feck, to try to keep a pulse on what was happening in town so one day he could help again.

After spending the day and night talking about the Lambasan Crow and getting to know one another, the party and Charzin gain one another’s trust as Charzin wants to help the kingdom and cannot currently help in Lambasa.

Feb 26 morning – the group meets Elrilmarioum outside of town. He tells the party to meet Nan in the King’s Mountains, that he will have done some scouting by now. He teleports them into the king’s mountains as close as he can get them to their intended location, which is still quite a ways away. The group sets out.

Feb 27 morning – The group meets up with Nan. After telling the group to find a chain of caves not too far away from the home of King Snurre that currently houses dragon young and dragon eggs, clear it, and ensure it is a safe haven in case they need to retreat, Nan pulls Tyzzer aside.

Nan tells Tyzzer that he has been like a son to him, that Tyzzer’s work will never be forgotten. With a hand on Tyzzer’s shoulder and an embrace, Nan says, “I am so proud of what you’ve done and know your intentions have always been good.” Tyzzer senses a sadness about Nan and tries to understand more unsuccessfully. Eventually, Nan gives Tyzzer a silver jeweled wristband and says that Nan’s father gave it to him and departs. Tyzzer gives Nan his celestial warhorse, hoping it will serve Nan well. Tyzzer thinks Nan is going to do something to sacrifice himself for the greater good, but cannot be sure that is what weighs on Nan.

Rowena creates a teleportation circle to send the horse back to Lambasa, so they do not die.

The group travels for weeks, towards the basalt mound in the Hellfurnaces, a chain of volcanoes in the hear of the heart of the King’s Mountains. After weeks, the party sees active lava flows and has to navigate through and around them.

March 11 – Within sight of the caves, fire elementals rise from the magma to protect their land. Rowena gives the group mass resist to fire and neutralizes much of the strength of the fire elementals. Charzin starts off his career with a critical hit before drawing the focus of much of the enemy’s attacks and defending his new party. Bui and Tyzzer are targeted quite a bit by a large elemental that throws fire at them. By the end of the battle, much of the battlefield is ablaze. Tyzzer directs extra attacks by Ja’Elle and Charzin to help weaken the enemy. Bui is able to plant the standard to help finish off the enemy.

Weakened a little, the group continues through the lava flow and approaches the cave they recognize, based on the directions Nan gave them…

Next time the group seeks to take the dragon cave, to set it up as a place of retreat in case of need during the assault on the fire giants home.

March 11 late morning (11 am)
Party Gold = 190,540 g.p.



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