A Little Ruse and a Series of Fortunate Events

August 31, 2012

Notes 8/31/12

Continue fight!
• Nosnra shoots a crossbow at Rowena, but I bravely intercede and take the brunt of the attack, convincing Nosnra that we are willing to negotiate
• The chief tries to take our weapons and we protest, but eventually give in. Nosnra’s hill giants take the weapons we dropped.
• Alex leaves Steven hanging with a double high-five, but eventually comes around with a burner!
• Vaarg needs to be forcibly removed from the hall. Rowena taunts him mercilessly about his dead wolves.
• Kissandi and Rowena continue to feel the effects of the werewolf’s attacks after the fight. We are worried that they might become infected with lycanthropy.
• Bui attempts to convince Nosnra to reveal his plans, but Nosnra insists that we should have brought information.
• Bui and I convince Nosnra to allow us to accompany a scouting party to Utini and Agion, but he will not give any information about his giant allies.
• We are escorted to the stone giants’ room to spend the night.
• Bui heals Kissandi of his affliction, but Rowena says she can shake it off. Woof.
• Tyzzer asks the hill giant guarding our room if we can worship at the temple.
o Bui convinces Nosnra to let us go with an escort. Nice job, Bui!
o Entering the temple, Bui recognizes that this is a temple dedicated to The Elder Elemental Eye.
o The reflective surface on the wall behind the alter shows monstrous reflections of us.
o We move up and Bui and Kissandi investigate the alter. Kissandi spills her blood on the alter.
o Bui steps around the alter and gazes at the mirror. A “Y” shape is burned into his forehead. He feels the urge to do something bad . . .
o Bui attacks Kissandi! Kissandi leaves the alter. She’s just not that into this.
o Bui is compelled to touch the alter, which causes a large purple gem with black veins to materialize.
• Bui takes the gem and is freed of his domination and scar.
o Rowena approaches the alter and discovers that the wall behind it is a link to the Far Realm. Can we destroy the link?
• No.
o We head back upstairs with our proof of the temple (gem).
• Ja’Elle does his sneaky thing even though there is a hill giant in the room guarding him.
o Tries to hide under the bed. The giant sees him all the way.
o Ja’Elle tries a different tack “I wanna show you a trick . . .” Ja’Elle hides from the giant.
o The crafty halfling then charges in and smacks the giant up.
• The giant doesn’t stand a chance.
o Ja’Elle walks around for a while, gets bored, then returns to the room.
• The gang returns the room to find it dark and suspicious. Ahh, Ja’Elle.
• As we sit around stratergizing, suspicious giants come in to attack us!
o Big fight
o The chiefy joins the fight!
o Vaarg and some more wolves join the fight!
o Rowena puts up a strategic Wall of Fire in the hallway
o We are holding our own, and in a good position, but how many waves of giants can we take on?
o To be continued . . .



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