A Heroic Battle Before Things Fall Apart

June 11, 2011

10 am on 11/17/993

The battle continues. The stirge swarm is quickly dispensed mainly by the power of the Standard of the Silver Dragon, planted by Bui.

Garen, Benjin Ulf’s father, suffering severe internal pain tries to help us, but mainly is unable to do much of anything.

Ja’ Elle is brought back to consciousness by Bui, and awakens with head pains that just keep worsening through the fight.

Bui used rebuke violence to keep the foulspawn seer impotent while we dealt with the other foulspawn.

Pwi’lin stands in the way of many attacks from the enemy and doles out some heavy hitting.

Benjin rained arrows down on all of the foulspawn.

Gaard makes a valiant run across the battlefield to chase down and eventually kill the foulspawn seer who was trying to escape.

As the battle is ending, a man runs towards the party yelling for Pwi’s help while being chased by two grimlocks, natural beasts we earlier spotted on other parts of the mountain. The grimlocks retreat from our party. The man turns out to be Kamien, someone who knows Pwi’lin from their previous lives in Terkent. Pwi’lin and Kamien talk privately and Pwi gives Kamien some of the drug he had been using before Bui cured him.

Bui and Benjin unsuccessfully try to cure Garen of his condition.

Gaard and Ja’Elle scout deeper into the cavern that goes into the mountain. After finding a multitude of paths and many, many footprints, they continue only to be surrounded. Despite great efforts to bluff by Ja’Elle and a burrowing escape attempt by Gaard, they are both captured by two neogi and a massive amount of grimlock zombies and a handful of floating dagger swarms. In other words, Gaard and Ja’Elle bravely got themselves captured to infiltrate the enemies lair.

Gaard and Ja’Elle were 45 minutes away from the group into the mountain. Benjin plans to return to Rhendlich to take his father and to help back home, but wouldn’t leave until he knew his friends were safe. Pwi’lin and Kamien are planning to return to their home, too.

Ends around noon on 11/17/993.

Total Party Gold = 61,468



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