A Demon, An Undying Cultist, and Powers from Beyond

A Demon, An Undying Cultist, and Powers from Beyond

Kissandi Saga Part 6

Last time, a difficult choice was made to take an extended rest. Some group members had saved out of their conditions caused by the Shadowfell (Rabbit, Kobhein and Drake), but others are still affected (Kissandi and Tilly).

Now, the group has the group has found themselves already within the Shadowfell itself.

March 2, 994 @ 1:30 pm

Kissandi lets the others know that she deserves all of the credit with the Raven Queen and the others are not needed and can leave. She can handle it herself. Tilly pipes in and says she could handle it herself, too.

Drake and Rabbit attempt to calm Kissandi, telling her she can have all the credit and assuring her they are here to help Lambasa and the lives of innocents against this imminent threat.

Tilly quickly moves forward. The others try to catch up. Two bodaks and a nightwalker emerge from the shadow. Tilly is quickly dropped unconscious by the nightwalker. Rabbit emerges to bring her back to consciousness. Kissandi, Kobhein, Drake, and Rabbit fight off this evil force, taking some significant wounds in the fight. Kissandi finds more power from the Raven Queen as she uses radiant energy to diminish the nightwalker. Drake does himself significant damage as he breathes acid to protect his allies.

During the battle, Lackey, Lester, and Uehara calm the waters and remove some of the arcane and divine energy from the pool and the surrounding font. In doing so they are afflicted by the Shadowfell, becoming very argumentative.

The clues clearly lead into a building nearby. The group enters, goes into a deeper room in the building and sees a great hall with a pool of blood in the middle that actively flows out and into four grates in the floor. The pool seems to not lose any blood. How strange. Standing in the pool of blood are five shadar-kai. There is a large statue on a platform. There are two staircases leading to a raised area of the room atop which stands an alter, two raised clear spheres and a chanting cultist. Various statues and paraphernalia lines the raised area around the alter.

The leader of the shadar-kai approaches, his dark eyes focused intently upon the party. He appears to be timid, or maybe frightened, but not necessarily of you and your companion. “I am Gruthow,” he says. “Who are you?” Together, the group diplomatically introduces themselves, helping Kobhein along the way. “Why have you come to this place?” he asks. The group explains their history very well. Gruthow and the other shadar-kai listen to your words with great intensity. “Why do you bring back memories of distant times?” Gruthow and the others appear confused and conflicted. The situation isn’t all that it appears to be. The party uses their insight and streetwise to understand the shadar-kai are deeply frightened, and not by the adventurers. They shift their eyes to each side, as though looking for someone or waiting for something to happen. Gruthow chooses his words carefully, as though someone else was listening to this exchange. The shadar-kai are acting like a people who have been threatened, mistreated, and intimidated. In some ways, they behave as slaves might.

Gruthow suddenly grows tense, as though every muscle in his body has turned to steel. An uncharacteristic smile spreads across his face, and he says in a higher, more shrill voice, “Champions, huh? They’ll let anyone call themselves that, won’t they? Tell me, is Old Elrilmarioum, that weakling wizard, still alive?”

Rabbit and Drake diplomatically keep Gruthow and the other shadar-kai talking and try to help them. Kissandi starts to make her way around the shadar-kai towards the platform with the chanting cultist. Kobhein watches Kissandi for instruction. Tilly is in her own world. The smart-ees are still arguing with each other.

Gruthow ways, “I am Therapin, and these are my happy followers. Perhaps you’d care to join us? I could have a lot of fun with the likes of you.” The voice that has identified itself as Therapin jumps from shadar-kai to shadar-kai as it talks to you. First it emerges from Gruthow, then from a shader-kai female to your right, then from another shadar-kai in the back row. “You have come to my home, threatened to take my property, and you expect me to welcome you? No, no, that is not the way I work, you arrogant gnats! Lay down your weapons, listen to my whispers, and perhaps you will see that the life I offer is not so terrible.”

Kissandi and Kobhein attempt to get around the shadar-kai. The shadar-kai attack, albeit unwillingly. Kobhein is dropped unconscious. Kissandi makes her way through and to the alter. Drake administers his potion to Kobhein, healing him.

As the group continues, the work against three challenges, the shadar-kai, the demonic possession, and the alter/magical sphere/cultist problem. Kissandi attacks and drops the cultist, only to see him reanimated by the powers around the alter and the magical spheres. Rabbit does heavy damage to one of the spheres.

Whenever a hero misses in an attempt to help, Therapin yells, “Your weakness is clear! You are not worthy to even bow in my presence, let alone challenge me. I would not even accept you as a blood sacrifice.”

After the group nearly frees the shadar-kai, Kobhein tries, but fails to deal the end to the demonic possession. A dark cloud of malevolence rises out of the collected shadar-kai and roils above them. “You are pitiful creatures!” cries the voice of Therapin from the dark cloud. “Let us finish this1 I await you!” With that, the cloud drifts through the archway out of the room. Gruthow says, “the demon has gone through the archway, to awaken more!”

The shadar-kai, one by one, collapse after Therapin departs. The group continues, but fails to destroy the power that emanates from the altar area. In fact, the spheres reconstruct and power surges back. Some of the statues animated into undead cultists. The group destroyed some of them.

Next time, the group tries to remove the power from the altar area and then may possibly follow the path that the demon Therapin took.

March 2, 994 @ 3:00 pm



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