A Dark Elf, an Elven Princess, and a Missing Dwarf

A Dark Elf, an Elven Princess, and a Missing Dwarf

March 15, 994 at 4:30 a.m.

The heroes had a long talk with Javok and Thalra about what to do.

The group decided to keep Thalra close and not to let her leave to find her drow brethren. Javok was sent on a phantom steed from Bui to find Nan and deliver all of the information they had gained about the Hall of King Snurre and everything that happened to date. He left.

The group descended to level two. During the descent a maniacal cackle was clear above the constant din of steel on steel.

Ja’Elle scouted stealthily and found a pair of two-headed fire giants with smoldering morningstarts along with a gangly creature with warty green skin, its face set with a single unblinking eye (nothic). The nothic was constantly cackling.

Ja’Elle went a few steps north and approached what appeared to be the forge and the entrance to a prison area on opposite sides of the hall. It appeared four azer guards were just inside the entrance to the prison area. Something was clearly banging steel in the forge. Ja’Elle could not safely get close enough to gain more information there.

To the south and then east, Ja’Elle found a large mountain yak attached to a cart and three sets of double doors. The double doors to the east seems like it would lead to the room filled with hill and stone giants that Ja’Elle could only slightly remember, as the last time he entered through a secret door before quickly being pelted and knocked unconscious by their rocks. There was a closed double door to the north and an open double door to the south. Ja’Elle snuck up and noticed a well dressed female elf and three bruised male elves, their clothes in tatters.

He alerted the party. The group decided to attack the nothic and the fire giant ettins. About half a minute into the battle with them, a sound coming from the south hall could be heard. Tyzzer directed Ja’Elle to swap positions in the initiative order with him, allowing Ja’Elle to check it out. It was four frost giants.

Meanwhile, Rowena turned three of the frost giants into miniature puggles. The puggles ran away and eventually returned as frost giants. This bought the others time to weaken and destroy the remaining ettins and the fourth frost giant.

Charzin locked down the fire giant ettins pretty well. The nothic was destroyed before it could mess up the heroes minds. The ettins took some effort to dispatch, but with Bui’s ability to weaken them, it was only a matter of time.

When only two frost giants remained, Thalra offered to help intimidate them into submission. Tyzzer aided Thalra and were convincing them as Ja’Elle sprung up and over one of them to deal a killing blow. The remaining frost giant dropped his axe, knelt before Tyzzer, and gave up.

The heroes, through Thalra’s translation gained information that Obmi was the same dwarf as the one they described, and that he was an advisor to Snurre. The giant was eventually allowed to go to return to the glacial rift. He left.

Meanwhile, Ja’Elle found a hidden stairway to level 3 behind a curtain in the ettins’ room. He also looted an unlocked chest and gained 2000 gp.

Next the heroes went to the elves. After meeting them and discovering the female to be the princess Moonshadow, the group discussed why she was here. She said Snurre let her live and was taunting them by allowing them to keep their weapons. She said they knew not to try an escape because it would only make things worse for them. She said her people would pay a big ransom for her safe return. She said there were more prisoners in the prison and asked the heroes to save them, too. The heroes trusted her (insight checks) and want to save the prisoners.

The heroes discussed various plans about how to block the door to the hill giants and stone giants, how to use the yak and the cart, etc. Rowena placed 5 magic eyes to watch the door and scream the alarm, “They’ve escaped, defend the throne room!” if the giants open the door.

Thalra was disarmed and kept with the group. The group said we will not kill you, but we cannot trust you because your people are allied with our enemy, the fire giants (Tyzzer’s words paraphrased).

The heroes searched through the frost giant room and found a sack with 500 gp and an ivory and malachite horn (1500 gp).

The heroes plan to go to the forge and the prison next to free the prisoners and defeat the blacksmith. They are also still looking for Obmi.

The heroes have fought one battle since the extended rest.

It is March 15, 994 at 8:00 a.m.
Party Gold = 314,335 g.p.



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