A Beckoning Call?

A Beckoning Call?

Despair began to set in on all except Kissandi.

The heroes turned to each other.

Shivon turned to Kal-Kathier. After slowing down her speech to try to make the well tanned, primitive elf who spoke a foreign language understand, she gave up and questioned Scathe about the portals. Shivon was pissed that none of these people had the wherewithal to understand how they came to the Shadowfell. She didn’t even bother questioning the crazy guy with the axe.

Xabier, guided by the voice of tortured soul of his dead brother Bael, approached Kissandi.

Kissandi prayed and felt she saw the face and the beckoning fingers of the Raven Queen. Shivon tried to interrupt Kissandi’s prayers and get an answer, but Kissandi remained focused.

Soon later, Kissandi began walking in the direction she thought the Raven Queen was leading her, towards a distant woods in the gray darkness ahead.

The others decided to follow her.

Eyes seemed to follow them everywhere. The trees seemed like they would reach out and grab them.

At one time, Xabier noticed a strange winged figure above the trees. Later they would all see this again, a sorrowsworn!

After some time, they overheard and encountered a battle/feeding in progress. Zombies surrounded three shadar-kai. The heroes (other than Shivon) dived in and helped, felling the zombies left and right. Scathe put a protective spell around the one injured shadar-kai.

Shivon decided to have some fun, first infiltrating the weak-minded Xabier’s psyche and having him attack the zombies for her, then making some of the zombies eat at themselves. The injured shadar-kai, not at Shivon’s bidding, began to eat itself, too.

Soon the zombies were destroyed. The shadar-kai, seemingly deathly injured and likely transforming into a zombie was beheaded by the swooping sorrowsworn who then flew away.

The remaining shadar-kai turned out not to be normal. They knew of the execution of Bael. They said it was a small part of the beginnings of a place they said was cursed. A place called Sunderheart. One of the Shadar-kai was named Bloodbeat. He has three nostrils. The other shadar-kai had 7 fingers on each hand. It seems the people of what is now Sunderheart are all cursed, and possibly all they encounter become cursed, too. Directions were given to Sunderheart.

Bloodbeat cursed Melora, so Shivon threw the shimmering image of her feystrike longsword right through that bastard’s head because F that dude for not understanding the power of Melora! The other shadar-kai departed, wanting to get as far from Sunderheart as possible.

The group set off. Days later, some feeling rejuvenated, others more depressed, the group made it to the Dead Man’s Cross. The Dead Man was consulted for directions to Sunderheart. He extended one of his skeletal fingers. Shivon asked how to get to the Feywild, and the dead man’s skin pulled across his face in a wry smile, but his finger remained pointed in the same direction. The group set off. After some time, Kissandi wondered if the others were still there, following her. She looked back and noticed them and in the distance three more.

She drew the other heroes attention to those that followed. Kal-Kathier recognized one as a guard of Tectucktitlay and charged forward. After words were shared, the leader, Ar-Ke-Kee-Tah, seemed to be interested in following Kal-Kathier if he were to replace Tectucktitlay in Athas. A mild poison was endured by Kal-Kathier. He then received 7 potion. Each potion lasts 1 day and allows Kal-Kathier to understand and be understood in spoken word.

Ar-Ke-Kee-Tah and his guards departed, saying they hoped to see Kal-Kathier back home again.

The group continued towards the direction they hoped was Sunderheart as night fell…



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