A 200' Fall and a Great Rescue: Giant Changes in Terkent

April 21, 2012

Dec 18, 993:

Shacrois Nuadil, the Gold Dragon, told us that there were Giant problems in eastern Terkent, the homeland to Bui, Rowena, Ja’Elle, and Tyzzer. It was important that we hurry back to meet with leaders and advisors.

We took a short rest to heal up. Bui’s god helped him heal us faster.

We ported from the dragons to the location where we entered the Feywild, then took the portal back to the sigil gateway that brought us to the Feywild in the first place. We made our way back out of the mountain and back to near the top of the waterfall where we had fought the sahuagin months ago.

On our way down the mountainside, we spotted a stone giant communicating with an earth archon. Rowena used a ritual to try to make out what they were saying. While conducting the ritual, the earth archon seemed to summon various elementals (water, earth, and fire). Rowena figured that the stone giant was recruiting the archon and elementals to join their forces.

A small pebble dropped beside Kissandi. We looked up and saw a hill giant avalancher 100’ above us on the cliffside. He tossed a rock into the water and alerted the stone giant and archons of our presence. Our cliffside battle began.

With a little magical push from Rowena, Kissandi and Ja’Elle went up the cliff towards the hill giant while Gaard, Rowena, and Bui dealt with the enemy from below.

Ja’Elle was able to knock the hill giant out and then deal a crushing blow to him while he was unconscious. After getting knocked back by a couple of boulders from the hill giant, Kissandi helped destroy the hill giant.

Meanwhile, Gaard stopped the earth archon and earth elementals in their tracks, immobilizing them before they could ascend the cliff. When they finally got free, they were immobilized again by Rowena.

The stone giant grabbed two shackled elves and carried them nearer the action.

The fire elemental flew up, only to be destroyed by Rowena, Bui, and Bigby’s Hand.

Bui summoned one of the two prisoners to him on the cliffside, to save her from the giant.

An elemental appeared out of thin air to attack Kissandi and Ja’Elle. The water elemental made its way up the waterfall and used a whirlpool attack to send Kissandi and Ja’Elle 200 feet off the side of the cliff crashing into the water below, knocking both unconscious.

Seeing this, Gaard risked his own hide and dove into the water, taking damage from the long drop. He swam quickly to pull them up. Soon, he revived Ja’Elle with a potion.

After dispatching of the fire elemental, Bui canonballed into the water and healed Kissandi.

The stone giant threw 3 large stones at us and hit each time, one knocking Gaard unconscious. Ja’Elle quickly returned the favor to Gaard by reviving him.

The archon and elementals that remained appeared to flee.

The stone giant killed on of the two elf prisoners and then left, too.

We seem to have succeeded in stopping the attempt by the stone giant to add elementals as allies.

After waiting, we went across the river and then Bui summoned the elf prisoner, Atalya, from the cliffside back to the party.

Bui diplomatically told her that she can and should share her thoughts with our whole group, despite her reluctance. She told us she is a friend of Laeralin’s. She said the Woodland Justice Network (WJN) is being blamed by outsiders for the problems with the dragon and with the more pressing and dangerous problem over the last few months with the invading giants. Some say that this is a Rhendlichian effort to take over Terkent.

Within the WJN, according to Atalya, Leogrator and the rest of the council is placing blame on Laeralin for the giants, too. She says that those in power on the WJN council do not want his voice on the council anymore. They wish to get even using military strike forces and Laeralin believes in justice and good relations between all races.

Atalya says giants have been amassing forces and laying waste to civilization and the wild. Organized efforts by various giant races have been made to attack various areas. She says the best way for you to help is to return home and join in organized efforts against the giants, but to not believe those who would blame Laeralin, or elves, or Rhendlich, for the problems of Terkent.

After an extended rest, Rowena used her ritual to zap us to Lambassa University. (Dec 19, 993)

Elrilmarioum was startled, but happy to see Rowena and the rest of us. He inquired about Laeralin. He was one of the ones who sent us to find and help Laeralin. Atalya told him of the dangers Laeralin currently faced, being wanted by the WJN and by greater society. This confirmed to Elrilmarioum his fears and the reason he sent you to find him before. However, he said the best way you can help now is to return home and join in against the giants. If that threat can be handled, much of the problems facing Terkent, and being blamed on elves, can be eliminated. This would be a big help to Terkent, and possibly also to Laeralin.

Atalya stays with Elrilmarioum, knowing she will need his aid in getting out of Lambassa safely, since she is an elf and part of the WJN, who are seen as rebels/terrorists in town, even more so since the prison break during the dragon attack.

The group decides to leave Lambassa and go to Standhall. Bui gave Kissandi a hat of disguise to make it out of town safely. (some equipment shopping could have happened in town before you left – we’ll build that into the out of session shopping your group does for equipment).

Bui gives us magic steeds and we ride to Standhall. The ride takes two days. (Dec 21, 993)

Rowena, praying to Corellon, was granted aid and partially recovered from her drug addiction. She started shaking and had a brief vision of a raven, wings outstretched in flight crossing the sun during an eclipse. She felt the desire to help the raven. Bui cured Rowena completely of her addiction. Rowena shared her vision with the group. Kissandi said she worshipped the Raven Queen, and the group seemed to thing the raven in Rowena’s vision could be linked to the Raven Queen and/or Kissandi.

We look for Nan Hornberg, Tyzzer’s mentor and father figure. We are told he left to battle giants. This seemed to match Rowena’s vision.

We meet with the portly Mayor Shem Wartburg. He is delighted to see us, but saddened to hear of Tyzzer’s death. He suggests a sort of knighthood into the Scarlet Guard for all we’ve done to protect the world. We unanimously agree that we don’t want to join a group we consider to be at least partially corrupt. He seems to understand, says he will honor your wishes, and not make the recommendation on your behalf to be honored in this way.

He tells you of a meeting of heroes to be held in the next week or two. His advisors meet with you and show you a map of the location around a steading, or a fortified fort near some rivers with wet water, that will be a target for one of the groups of heroes to meet.

It is Dec 21, 993 – it will be 1-2 weeks until the meeting of heroes.
Total Party Gold = 77,083. You are level 12 and have just had an extended rest.



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